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Feb 11, 2020

The new titles added to our digital monograph collection will be free to access on PPSO until 10/03

January update to Policy Press Scholarship Online is now complete and the introductory chapters of new titles will be free to access until 10th of March. Our digital platform in partnership with Oxford University Press now offers access the over 700 high-quality monographs.

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The latest additions to the list include:

  • Absolute Poverty in Europe
  • Ethnicity and Old Age
  • Global Youth Migration and Gendered Modalities
  • Parental Leave and Beyond
  • Mental Health Social Work Reimagined
  • Women, Politics and the Public Sphere
  • Whose Housing Crisis?
  • The Sociology of Debt
  • ASEAN Resistance to Sovereignty Violation
  • Lande: The Calais 'Jungle' and Beyond
  • Science, Belief and Society
  • Intellectual Disability in the Twentieth Century
  • The Politics of Scale in Policy
  • Health in Hard Times
  • Welfare, Populism and Welfare Chauvinism
  • Social Work and the Making of Social Policy
  • Environmental Justice, Popular Struggle and Community Development
  • Employee Proactivity in Organizations
  • Thinking Collectively
  • Cultural Intermediaries Connecting Communities
  • Time, Migration and Forced Immobility
  • Dualisation of Part-Time Work
  • Social Policy and the Capability Approach
  • The New Politics of Home
  • Borders, Migration and Class in an Age of Crisis
  • Critical Dialogues
  • Dimensions of Impact in the Social Sciences
  • A Criminology of War?
  • Planning and Knowledge
  • Imaginative Criminology
  • Rational Choice and Political Power
  • The City In China
  • Social Policy Review 31
  • Work, Labour and Cleaning
  • Living Data
  • Tea And The Queen?
  • International Handbook of Health Literacy
  • Nanny Families

Discover the latest additions to the PPSO collection.