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Urban Transport Futures

Series Editor: William Riggs, University of San Francisco

Urban Transport Futures explores how changing technologies and transport innovations are influencing possibilities for our cities and city futures across the globe.

Books in the series will be international in focus and examine the ways that urban transport intersects with technological evolution, sustainability and climate change and social justice.

The series is seeking innovative, cutting-edge research that will inform the development of urban transport polices and ensure that innovations in urban development are a force for social good. It will provide academics, policymakers and city planners with the insights and tools to ensure that future transport systems are sustainable, equitable and inclusive.

Bringing together experts, scholars and industry insiders across multiple geographies, this series will lead the debates on challenges and opportunities for urban transport.

Watch William Riggs talk about the series:

The series welcomes proposals which are:

  • Authored or edited and between 60,000 and 80,000 words;
  • Academically grounded, written accessibly and offer visions for policy makers, city planners, and academics;
  • Including examples that help shape the future of sustainable and socially just transportation systems;
  • Providing an international range of stories and analysis.

Desired topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethics, big data and privacy;
  • The future of mass transit;
  • The future of logistics;
  • The future of streets and landscapes;
  • Climate change;
  • The future of mobility-as-a-service and taxis;
  • Managing new mobility;
  • Micro-mobility;
  • Future transport and budgets;
  • The future of psychology and transport.


Forthcoming titles

Title: Transport Truths
Subtitle: Planning Methods and Ethics for Global Futures
Author: Greg P. Griffin
Expected: Winter 2024

Title: Roads Not Yet Travelled
Subtitle: Transport Futures Beyond 2050
Author: Marcus Enoch
Expected: Winter 2024

Editorial Board

  • Bruce Appleyard, San Diego State University, US
  • Jorge Inzulza Contardo, University of Chile, Chile
  • Daniel Graham, Imperial College London, UK
  • John Gilderbloom, University of Louisville, US
  • Michael Johnson, Smithgroup, US
  • Melissa Ruhl, Ford Motor Company, US
  • Shivani G. Shukla, University of San Francisco, US
  • Menka Sethi, California Polytechnic State University, US
  • Larry Frank, University of British Columbia, Canada
  • Bart van Arem, Delft University of Technolog, the Netherlands
  • Stephen Zoepf, Stanford University, US
  • David Batstone, University of San Francisco, US
  • Mark Wexler, Not for Sale, US
  • Simon Pickup, Hydra Energy , Canada
  • Sven Beiker, Stanford University, US
  • Robert Doughty, Robert Doughty Consultancy, Ltd., UK
  • M. Geraldine Herrmann Lunecke, University of Chile, Chile
  • Rodrigo Mora, University of Chile, Chile
  • Regina Clewlow, Populus, US
  • Marcus Enoch, University of Loughborough, UK


If you think that your work could be a good fit with the series, please get in touch with the Series Editor and Publisher for the series:

William Riggs, Series Editor: wriggs@usfca.edu

Emily Watt, Publisher: emily.watt@bristol.ac.uk