Policy Press

What people say about us

“We are delighted to invest in the future of The Press and to expand its remit to encompass a broader range of scholarship of the highest quality” 
Hugh Brady, Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Bristol

"A fine academic press."
Professor Noam Chomsky

"Time and again Policy Press has published provocative and profound books on the vital topics of our day. Their recent authors include some of the most trenchant contemporary commentators and thinkers on matters of social justice. We need publishers like this."
Melissa Benn, writer, journalist and campaigner 

“It’s wonderful to see the Press going from strength to strength to now be such a significant publisher.”
Danny Dorling, University of Oxford, author of Injustice and many other titles

“The University of Bristol is proud to have established and supported the development of Bristol University Press. The Press was established to support the University’s core strategic objectives by creating an internationally respected university press committed to world-class scholarship, challenge-led research and global impact.”
Judith Squires, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Bristol

"Policy Press is an outstanding publisher and from the moment I sent them my book proposal until the book was published I received timely and professional responses to all my questions. They are truly what they stand for. As an author I have felt in very good hands having useful feedback from reviewers as well as enjoying academic freedom. Several of those who purchased the book have been impressed with its quality. I would always go back them."
Mariela Neagu, author of Voices from the Silent Cradles

"If I had the money, I'd establish a press like this in every part of America. Major houses are great, but it's places like these that publish the work that matters most."
Linda Tirado, author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America (Berkley Books 2015)

“Bristol University Press and Policy Press form an unstoppable alliance engendering hope for us all.”
Peter Beresford, University of East Anglia, author of Participatory Ideology and many other titles

“It was an absolute delight and pleasure to publish with Policy Press, not least because their values of social justice and inclusion closely align with my own.”
Kalwant Bhopal, University of Birmingham, author of White Privilege

"With their important mission to widen the influence of big ideas to promote real political change, Policy Press has continually pushed to connect a high standard of scholarship with a much broader readership."
Richard Wilkinson, author of The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone (Penguin 2010)

"The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice is my favourite 'go to' place for thoughtful reflection on poverty and related issues from leading academics."
Fran Bennett, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford and Chair of The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice Editorial Board

"As the Guardian's social policy editor, I was well aware of how far ahead of its rivals the Policy Press had surged. As a client I have been equally impressed. From hard back to updated paper back they remained enthusiastic, committed and quick to respond to the tumultous tide that engulfed Murdoch's empire in the wake of the hacking scandal. Thank you."
Malcom Dean, Nuffield College, author of Democracy under attack

"From the beginning Policy Press believed in this project and continued to encouraged us to write this book as non-native speakers."
Kristel Driessens and Vicky Lyssens-Danneboom, editors of Involving Service Users in Social Work Education, Research and Policy

“The Press is exceptional because it is a successful mission-driven publisher with a strong commercial focus.”
Ivon Asquith, Chair, BUP Business Advisory Board

“Policy Press are publishing some of the most important work in the social sciences because their editorial process is both rigorous and kind-hearted…”
Akwugo Emejulu, University of Warwick, author of Minority Women and Austerity

“As an independent researcher and scholar, I am grateful to Policy Press for giving a platform for creative research.”
Helen Kara, independent researcher, author of Creative Research Methods and many other titles

“Criminology has a home at Bristol University Press, and this is testament to their encouragement of critically aware authors whose writing pushes the boundaries and makes an impact.”
Helen Jones, British Society of Criminology

“The Press is a vital resource for scholar activists and teachers everywhere. SSSP is especially grateful for our partnership and looks forward to publishing the Social Justice Agenda for many years to come.”
Corey Dolgon, President, Society for the Study of Social Problems, US, and author of Kill It to Save It

“The enthusiasm the Press shows for lifting up research on marginalised groups is something we cherish and still don’t take for granted as editors in political science.”
Phillip Ayoub, Occidental College, and Associate Editor of the European Journal of Politics and Gender

“I have witnessed at close hand the transformation of Policy Press from a department-based producer of occasional papers in the 1990s to one of the most productive academic presses in the UK in the 2020s.”
Randall Smith, Emeritus Professor, University of Bristol

“I was, I gather, author of the first book to be published by Policy Press. Along with their journals, they have developed an unrivalled niche for social policy publications in the UK market and internationally.”
Graham Room, University of Bath, author of Beyond the Threshold

“BUP are publishing excellent work and have people and processes that make authors feel valued. In an age of information megacorporations, its a pleasure to support an alternative model of publishing.”
Martin Parker, University of Bristol, and author of Life After COVID-19

"It has always been a great pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and committed publisher that shares our passion for understanding and improving children’s and young people’s lives."
Heather Montgomery, The Open University

“The British Society of Gerontology benefits immeasurably from our longstanding partnership with Policy Press. We love working with a publisher that shares our commitment to developing new and exciting perspectives on ageing.”
Professor Thomas Scharf, President, British Society of Gerontology

“Having worked with Bristol University Press/Policy Press as their UK sales partner since 2008, we particularly admire and appreciate the consistency and quality of the publishing and the professionalism of the marketing that supports it.”
Lee Morgan, Compass Academic Sales Team

“BUP focuses on challenging the status quo – its brilliant publishing driven by a mission that’s designed to inspire, motivate and challenge.”
Mandy Hill, MD, Cambridge University Press, and Judge for the University Press Sustainability Award 2020