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American Tianxia

Chinese Money, American Power and the End of History

After a meteoric rise, China's growth has come to a screeching halt. Salvatore Babones provides an up-to-date assessment of how China's economic problems are undermining its challenge to the Western-dominated world order. He tells how liberal individualism has become the leitmotif of American Tianxia.

Policy Press

ASEAN Resistance to Sovereignty Violation

Interests, Balancing and the Role of the Vanguard State

Drawing on a wide range of primary sources, this book offers an innovative explanation of how ASEAN states respond to threats of sovereignty violation that takes account of both the role of external powers and the agency of regional states.

Bristol Uni Press

The Authoritarian Century

China's Rise and the Demise of the Liberal International Order

Chris Ogden argues that, as the world capitulates to China’s preferred authoritarian order, other world powers are moving to this as a dominant global phenomenon, which will transform global institutions, human rights and political systems.

Bristol Uni Press

China Risen?

Studying Chinese Global Power

Drawing on an extensive range of Chinese-language debates and discussions, this book explains the roles of different actors and interests in Chinese international interactions, and how they influence the nature of Chinese strategies for global change.

Bristol Uni Press

China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Supplies to the Global South

Between Politics and Business

This book unpacks the political economy of China’s COVID-19 vaccine supplies to the Global South. Examining the political and economic forces at play, the book demonstrates how China’s vaccine provisions have been determined by a complex set of commercial interests, domestic politics, and geopolitical relationships.

Bristol Uni Press

China’s Rise and Rethinking International Relations Theory

Bringing together leading scholars from Asia and the West, this book investigates how the dynamics of China’s rise in world politics contributes to theory-building in International Relations (IR). In doing so, the volume builds a strong case for a genuinely global and post-Western IR.

Bristol Uni Press

The EU Migrant Generation in Asia

Middle-Class Aspirations in Asian Global Cities

Drawing on a comparative study with individuals who migrated to Singapore and Tokyo in 2010s, this book demonstrates how migration to Asian business centres has become an alternative to a middle-class life in Europe and how the perceived insecurities of life in the crisis-ridden EU result in these migrants’ prolonged stay in Asia.

Bristol Uni Press

The EU-China Security Paradox

Cooperation Against All Odds?

In this enlightening analysis, Julia Gurol unpicks the complex security relations between the European Union (EU) and China. Systematic and accessible, this is an essential guide to the past, present and future of one of the world’s most important, yet most complicated, security relationships.

Bristol Uni Press

Fuelling Insecurity

Energy Securitization in Azerbaijan

This book examines the extensive network of security professionals and the wide range of practices that have spread in Azerbaijan’s energy sector. It unpacks the interactions of state, supra‐state, and private security organisations and argues that energy security has enabled and normalised a coercive way of exercising power.

Bristol Uni Press

Globalizing Regionalism and International Relations

Building on the recent initiative to truly globalise the field of International Relations, this book provides an innovative interrogation of regionalism.

Bristol Uni Press

A Hierarchical Vision of Order

Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy in Asia

China’s vision for international order is a matter of great global interest. This book analyses China’s vision for foreign policy and how it is seeking to achieve its goals with its immediate neighbours.

Bristol Uni Press

Identity in the Shadow of a Giant

How the Rise of China is Changing Taiwan

This co-authored book examines the implications of the global ascent of China on cross-Strait relations and the identity of Taiwan as a democratic state, offering insights into policies for peaceful relations and prosperity across the Taiwan Strait.

Bristol Uni Press