Policy Press

Editorial and commissioning

Editorial overview

An outline of different stages in the editorial process from proposal to production.

Meet the team

Meet the editorial team.

Submitting your proposal

What do you need to provide when submitting your proposal?

Tips for covers and picture research

Starting to look at the cover for your book? Here are some tips to start you off.

House style guide

An overview of the key points of our house style (PDF download).

Peer review

An overview of our peer review process

Permissions and copyright 

A guide to obtaining permissions for content in your book.

Format options

We publish books in a variety of different formats. Find out more about each one.

Getting published: Advice for early-career researchers

Our Editor for Criminology and Criminal Justice, Rebecca Tomlinson, outlines some key things to think about if you are considering publishing your work.

Why publish your trade book with Bristol University Press?

Ginny Mills, Senior Commissioning Editor for trade books, explains in this short video.

Find out more about the complete publishing process here. Please see the Journals Author Toolkit for journals information.