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Book publishing process: from inception to impact

Interested in working with Bristol University Press or Policy Press on your book? This is the journey your book will undertake when you collaborate with us. Watch a short video which takes you through the publishing process.


After initial conversations with your subject Commissioning Editor, you will submit your proposal which will be sent out for peer-review.

Publishing Committee Meeting/BUP Board

Your Editor presents your book to the committee and a contract decision is made.

Contract and writing

Key dates for delivery and publication are agreed and the contract is issued. Then it's over to you to start writing!

Title, blurbs and testimonials -
11 months before publication

We will work with you to create an attention-grabbing title and blurb that we can use to promote your book.

Finalise cover design - 10 months before publication

The team working on the cover for your book will create an eye-catching image that aims to sum up the content and reflect our imprints' brand and style.

Sending out sales advance info -
9 months before publication

Full details about your book are sent to the bibliographic systems used by the international book trade, including online retailers and libraries. Your book appears on our website at this point too. More info on this in Discoverability and SEO.

Delivery -
6 months before publication

Once your draft typescript is delivered it will be peer-reviewed and you will be sent comments to incorporate before final typescript delivery. The final typescript is then passed to production.

More details on the process from commissioning to production here.

Scheduling -
6 months before publication

When your production editor initially receives your book they will devise a schedule that will ensure all necessary tasks get completed in time for publication day.

Copy-editing -
6 months before publication

Your production editor will create a detailed brief for the copy-editor who will then check your manuscript for any issues.

Typesetting -
5 months before publication

Your book will then be sent to be typeset. This is where your book will be laid out like it will be in the final book.

quality control -
4 months before publication

A final check for any typesetting errors (spacing issues, wrong fonts etc.) as well as reading through to tidy up any of the content.

Producing catalogues and flyers -
3-6 months before publication

Your book will be included in our catalogues, and on subject and series flyers where appropriate.

preparing for press -
2 months before publication

The book is indexed, then the production team make sure it is print-ready and send it off to the printers. The digital files are created.

More details on the production process here.

Pre-publication campaigns

We start promoting your book long before the publication date!


You will receive copies of your book direct from the printers.

Emarketing campaigns

Information about your book will feature in our monthly newsletter and subject emails to academics, students and librarians.

Promoting your book on social media

On publication we will run a campaign to announce your book on social media, focusing on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. See our Twitter guidelines for info on how you can support this.

Taking your book to conferences

Once published, your book will be displayed at relevant conferences and sold at a special conference price.

Sending out review copies

Review copies of your book will be sent to the most influential media within your book’s discipline. Reviews can take between six and twelve months to appear

Find out more about the marketing we'll do to promote your book here.

Impact and engagement

One of our key aims is to ensure your work has the impact it deserves. Find out how we do this, with case studies to prove it.

Evaluation and reporting

We monitor the progress of your book post-publication to ensure we maximise sales and impact.

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