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Promoting your book

Marketing overview

An overview of the marketing we'll do to promote your book.

Meet the team

Meet the marketing and sales team.

Sales and marketing timeline

A run down of the different sales and marketing activities we do before, and after, publication.

How you can help to market your book

We do a lot to market our books, but some of the most effective marketing comes from the author.

Testimonials process

Explaining why and how we get testimonials for your book.


Here are the ways in which we can support your events.

Twitter/X guidelines

Need to get up to speed with Twitter/X? Here are some tips.

Promoting your book on LinkedIn

Want some tips on using LinkedIn to promote your work? Here are some guidelines

PowerPoint template

Need to make a professional PowerPoint slide about your book? Here's an easy-to-use template.

Discoverability and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Everyone wants their book at the top of Google. Here are some tips on how to get it there.

Transforming Society

A good way to promote your book is to write an article for our blog Transforming Society.

Branding guidelines

Download a PDF of our branding guidelines for guidance on colours, covers and more.

Writing a policy briefing

Our guidelines on writing a policy briefing to help influence policy makers and their decisions.

Producing a video

Our guidelines on producing a video for your book or journal article.

Find out more about the complete publishing process here.