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Bristol Studies in Comparative and International Education

Series Editors: Michael Crossley, Emeritus Professor of Comparative and International Education, University of Bristol, UK; Leon Tikly, UNESCO Chair in Inclusive, Good Quality Education, University of Bristol, UK; Angeline M. Barrett, Reader in Education, University of Bristol, UK; Julia Paulson, Reader in Education, Peace and Conflict, University of Bristol, UK

We are delighted to announce that Professor Michael Crossley’s highly successful Symposium series Bristol Papers in Education: Comparative and International Studies, established in the 1990s, will now be published by Bristol University Press.

The series has been updated with a new name and additional series editors, and will retain the Symposium series commitment to publishing high-quality research, emphasising work that bridges theory, policy and practice, supporting early career researchers and the publication of studies led by researchers in and from the global South. 

The series editors are all based in the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE) at Bristol and have chosen BUP as the new home for the series because of our “aim to help create social change and make visible new thinking that challenges injustice and inequality within and beyond academia”. 

The series aims to critically engage with education and international development from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.  As such it welcomes submissions on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Social, epistemic, environmental and transitional justice viewed with a comparative sensibility
  • Sustainable development in the postcolonial world
  • Globalisation and the changing governance of education
  • Quality education for all, international agendas and global development goals
  • Education, peace, conflict and memory production
  • Environmental uncertainty, education and small island developing states (SIDS)
  • Educational research capacity building and the co-production of knowledge
  • Theories, challenges and dilemmas of education policy transfer
  • Education policy and implementation
  • Pedagogy and professional development
  • Language, learning and culture

Download the series flyer

We have a global geographic focus combined with specific interests in African, South American, Asian and SIDS contexts where we are currently working in collaboration with local partners. We are now proactively commissioning proposals for the series.  We welcome proposals for single or co-authored monographs, edited collections or ‘Shorts’ (academic work of between 30-50,000 words).

If you would like to discuss ideas or submit a proposal please contact Michael Crossley, at M.Crossley@bristol.ac.uk or Philippa Grand, International Development Publisher, at philippa.grand@bristol.ac.uk