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British Sociological Association conference 2021 series highlights

Below we have highlighted our current Sociology series.

Don't forget you can use code BSA2021 to get 50% off all Sociology books until midnight on 15th April. 

If you’re interested in writing for one of our series, you can find out more about how to submit a proposal on each individual series page. Click on the ‘find out more’ links below. 


21st Century Standpoint series

Accessible, social and political commentary from Policy Press and the British Sociological Association. What are the 21st century challenges shaping our lives today and in the future? This exciting series showcases lively, disruptive, progressive writers who reach beyond the academy.

Don’t miss the launch of latest book in the series, Race, Taste, Class and Cars by Yunis Alam and meet the series editors at BSA on 13 April at 14:00 – 14:30.

Find out more about the series. 

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Sociology of Children and Families

Pushing forward theories in sociology of children, childhood and families, this cutting-edge series engages with cross-national literature and debates.

Join our stream at BSA to meet the series editors and authors on 14 April, at 13:15- 13:45.

Find out more about the series.

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Gender and Sociology

Showcasing high quality research, this series provides a platform for distinctively sociological scholarship that advances the study of gender across the contemporary world. The series is international in scope and diverse in the issues covered, recognising that all aspects of social life are gendered or have some gender dimension.

Join Meet the Editors session at BSA to talk about your new publishing projects on gender on 14 April at 14:00 – 14:30.

Find out more about the series.

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Global Migration and Social Change

This series advances new scholarship in migration and refugee studies by fostering cross- and interdisciplinary dialogue informed by qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Meet series editor Nando Sigona at BSA to talk about your next book on migration on 15 April at 13:15 – 13:45.

Find out more about the series.

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Public Sociology

This series addresses not only what sociologists do, but what sociology is for and focuses on the commitment to enhance understanding of the social condition, so that the lives of people are materially improved.

Save the date for the BSA series launch event on 15 April 14:00 – 14:30.

Find out more about the series

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Alternatives to Capitalism in the 21st Century

Unveiled at BSA 2021 for the first time, this ground-breaking new series will advance the international, comparative and interdisciplinary study of capitalism and its alternatives in the 21st century. Prospective authors are invited to submit proposals for single and co-authored monographs as well as edited collections. Find out more about the series. 


Sociology of Diversity

This fast-growing Bristol University Press series brings together the highest quality sociological and interdisciplinary research that critically engages with the topic of diversity, including, but not limited to ethnic, racial, gender and sexualities diversity. Find out more about the series.

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Interpretive Lenses in Sociology

This new and exciting series provides a unique forum for scholars from a wide range of interpretive schools to explore approaches to uncovering the deep meanings underlying human actions, events and experiences. First books in the series are launching in 2022. Find out more about the series. 

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