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Clare Bambra

Clare Bambra is a Professor of Public Health at Newcastle University.
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Northern Exposure

COVID-19 and Regional Inequalities in Health and Wealth

Using original data analysis from a wide range of sources, this book addresses the vital contemporary issue of regional inequality through the impact of COVID-19.

The Unequal Pandemic

COVID-19 and Health Inequalities

EPDF and EPUB available Open Access under CC-BY-NC- ND This accessible, yet authoritative book shows how the pandemic is a syndemic of disease and inequality. It argues that these inequalities are a political choice and we need to learn quickly to prevent growing inequality and to reduce health inequalities in the future.

Health in Hard Times

Austerity and Health Inequalities

Edited by Clare Bambra

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC licence. This book is a vital review of the impact of austerity on the wellbeing of the UK. Case studies from Stockton-on-Tees, home to some of the starkest health divides, are combined with a review of the repercussions of budget cuts and welfare reforms to show the vast inequalities in health in the UK today.

Health Divides

Where You Live Can Kill You

Clare Bambra examines the social, environmental, economic and political causes of health inequalities, how they have evolved over time and what they are like today. Revealing gaps in life expectancy of up to 25 years between places just a few miles apart, this important book demonstrates that where you live can kill you.