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Accessibility and disability

If we don't make our society as accessible as possible, we're preventing many people from being able to participate in a meaningful manner.

The books we've brought together here cover a wide range of topics, from combatting disability harassment, to how to create participatory research, and ableism in academia, to the relationship of disability and ageing. 

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Social Murder?

Austerity and Life Expectancy in the UK

Combining robust evidence with real-life stories, this book reveals the shocking impact of austerity policies on life expectancy and offers an optimistic vision of what can be done to restore life expectancy and reduce health inequality.

Transport Truths

Planning Methods and Ethics for Global Futures

Ideal for researchers and practitioners looking for fresh approaches to transport problems, this book combines cutting-edge qualitative and qualitative knowledge to inform transport futures. It uses engaging case studies based in The Gambia and the US to show how and why a transdisciplinary approach can result in better planning decisions.

The Adult Safeguarding Practice Handbook 2e

The second edition of this best-selling book continues to provide an essential guide to best practice in adult safeguarding. It includes recent legislation, guidance and research-based developments and relates them to practice examples.

Mental Capacity Law, Sexual Relationships, and Intimacy

This edited collection brings together a range of academics, practitioners and organisations to consider the implications of recent case law around consent in sexual relationships on the day-to-day lives of people with cognitive impairments.

Disrupting the Academy with Lived Experience-Led Knowledge

By exploring a range of social justice issues from first-hand perspectives, this book reframes our understanding of knowledge production. It demonstrates that when lived experience experts lead the way, their knowledge can enrich, transform and decolonise research, teaching and advocacy.

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Access to Justice, Digitalization and Vulnerability

Exploring Trust in Justice

Written by key names in the field, this book explores the impact of digitization and COVID-19 on justice in housing and special needs education. It analyses access to justice, offers recommendations for improvement and provides valuable insights into administrative justice from user perspectives.

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Rights and Social Justice in Research

Advancing Methodologies for Social Change

This edited collection explores and illustrates the nature of research for social justice. Drawing on a diverse range of social research projects, it sets out what a rights-based approach to research looks like, why this framework matters and how we can translate them into operational research.

Beyond Neighbourhood Planning

Knowledge, Care, Legitimacy

The past three decades have seen an international ‘turn to participation’ – letting those who will be affected by neighbourhood planning outcomes play an active role in decision-making. This innovative analysis brings theory, research, and practice together and gives insights into how and why citizen voices either become effective or get excluded.

Capacity, Participation and Values in Comparative Legal Perspective

With contributions from an international team of experts, this collection provides a much-needed international, comparative approach to mental capacity law.

Queering Science Communication

Representations, Theory, and Practice

Written by leading experts, this collection examines representations of queerness in popular science and media, asks what it means for the field to ‘queer’ science communication theories and research agendas and offers practical examples and case studies for fostering radical inclusivity and equity in the science communication field.

Fragile Rights

Disability, Public Policy, and Social Change

Drawing on biographical interviews collected from individuals with either mobility or visual impairments in France, this book analyzes the reception of disability policies in the fields of education, employment, social rights and accessibility.

The Practitioner Guide to Participatory Research with Groups and Communities

Avoiding both over-simplification and jargon-riddled complexity, this book is an invaluable, straightforward guide to participatory research for you and your fellow practitioners working with community groups and organisations.