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Activism comes in many forms all with the aim of bringing about political or social change.

The books here examine different forms of activitism across different areas and disciplines, including race, community, academic activism and activism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You may also be interested in our Global Social Challenge on justice, law and human rights.

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What Is Anthropology For?

Should the line be maintained between nature and cultural, the biological and the informational, the human and the planetary? Kriti Kapila argues that anthropology provides an essential set of tools for analysing our social reality and makes a case for its unique insights into our human connection, relatedness and exchange.

Bristol Uni Press

Embracing Uncertainty

How writers, musicians and artists thrive in an unpredictable world

It has never been more necessary for us to become actors in our own future. Margaret Heffernan argues for the vital integration of art into all aspects of our lives and for artists to guide us.

Policy Press

Abolitionist Voices

Why have so many radical thinkers advocated for the abolition of prisons and punishment and why have their ideas been so difficult to communicate and garner widespread support? This book outlines the long and nuanced history of penal abolitionism and shows how these ideas have continued topicality.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth Work

Improving the Lives of Young People and Communities

This book assesses the impact of a unique youth and community space in East London, created to support local young people in addressing the challenges in their lives. It gives clear and practical evidence of the significant benefits of open access youth work, with guidance on replicating best practice in similar urban environments.

Policy Press


Radical Strategies for Social Movement Organising

Crafted for those who dare to challenge the status quo, this revolutionary guide asks crucial questions about organising and social movements in the 21st century. Drawing from frontline experiences of activists, it explores essential themes from leadership to the art of negotiation, empowering changemakers of today for a more just world.

Policy Press

Advancing Health Rights Through Community Development and Participatory Praxis

In our post-pandemic world, the international community and national governments are searching for new solutions to build healthy and resilient societies. This timely book focuses on community participation in building healthier populations, with practical examples from the Global North and South.

Policy Press

The Kindness Fix

How and Why We Must Build a More Compassionate Society

The help we give to others can be more effective and more just if we cultivate greater levels of compassion. Jason Wood reviews the research and talks to experts from across the world to make the moving case for greater compassion in public life.

Policy Press

Platform Politics

Corporate Power, Grassroots Movements and the Sharing Economy

This book charts the rise and fall of the ‘sharing economy’, the controversial lobbying tactics used by the central companies and the backlash seen so far. It offers key policy recommendations and presents state-of-the-art knowledge around the past, present and future of the platform economy.

Bristol Uni Press

Children as Change-Makers

Unleashing Children’s Real Philanthropic Power

How can we help children make a difference, allowing them to shape their communities, locally and globally? This book serves as a roadmap for all stakeholders – from individuals to institutions – to empower children as agents of positive social change, fostering a more just world for generations to come.

Policy Press

Peak Injustice

Solving Britain’s Inequality Crisis

Peak Injustice follows up the best-selling Peak Inequality (2018), offering a carefully curated selection of Danny Dorling’s latest published writing with brand new content looking to the future, including challenges for a new government in 2024/25. An essential addition to readers’ Dorling collections.

Policy Press

British Legal Reform

An Agenda for Change

Organised by the Society of Labour Lawyers, the Labour Party’s legal think tank, this book is a manifesto for change that showcases new policy ideas for the next government. It is a must-have collection of new insights into how a Labour government can renew Britain.

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Austerity Bites 10 Years On

A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK

With new commentary, Austerity Bites 10 Years On assesses on the true scale of the damage austerity policies have inflicted on the country’s most vulnerable groups, public institutions and on the wider society, reflecting on where we have been, where we are now and what needs to happen next to undo the damage and avoid the same mistakes again.

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