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Hunger, food, water and shelter

The issues of unequal distribution of and access to resources covered in UN Sustainable Development Goal 1: No Poverty, as well as the need for sustainability in how we approach food, water and shelter covered in Goal 2: Zero Hunger and Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production are central themes to many of the products we publish.

Our Environment and Sustainability catalogue examines the social justice dimension of environmental sustainability, in climate change and environmental politics, while - across other subject areas - we advance theories and practice developed globally on how to create sustainable economies, including highlighting new movements in food sharing and food charities and uncovering illegal practices within the food industry.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Food, water and shelter, we aim to address the following goals:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 1: No povertySDG 2: Zero hungerSDG 6: Clean water and sanitationSDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

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The Kindness Fix

How and why we must build a more compassionate society

The help we give to others can be more effective and more just if we cultivate greater levels of compassion. Jason Wood reviews the research and talks to experts from across the world to make the moving case for greater compassion in public life.

Social Determinants of Health in Europe

Direct and Indirect Consequences of War

Edited by Adrian Bonner

Drawing on the perspectives of women and children displaced from Ukraine, as well as local authority policy makers and service providers, this book provides a unique view of the direct and indirect consequences of war in Europe and identifies the best responses to these ‘wicked issues’.

Peak Injustice

Solving Britain’s Inequality Crisis

Peak Injustice follows up the best-selling Peak Inequality (2018), offering a carefully curated selection of Danny Dorling’s latest published writing with brand new content looking to the future, including challenges for a new government in 2024/25. An essential addition to readers’ Dorling collections.

Austerity Bites 10 Years On

A Journey to the Sharp End of Cuts in the UK

With new commentary, Austerity Bites 10 Years On assesses on the true scale of the damage austerity policies have inflicted on the country’s most vulnerable groups, public institutions and on the wider society, reflecting on where we have been, where we are now and what needs to happen next to undo the damage and avoid the same mistakes again.

Agenda for Social Justice 3

Solutions for 2024

The Agenda for Social Justice 3 provides accessible insights into some of the most pressing social problems in the United States and proposes public policy responses to those problems. Chapters include discussion of social problems related to criminal justice, the economy, food insecurity, education, healthcare, housing and immigration.

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Radical Food Geographies

Power, Knowledge and Resistance

This collection presents critical and action-oriented approaches to addressing food systems challenges across places, spaces, and scales. With global case studies, it explores the interconnections between the social and ecological dynamics of food systems, exploring efforts to co-construct more equitable and sustainable food systems for all.

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Care, Health and Housing

Crisis, Experiences and Answers

Edited by Lidia C. Manzo

Highlighting the substandard living conditions faced by many residents in social housing communities in Ireland, this book provides key information on housing quality at the community level and identifies practical solutions in the health, community care and housing sectors.

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Ecologies of Care in Times of Climate Change

Water Security in the Global Context

This book investigates places in Europe, North America and Asia that are facing the immense challenges associated with climate change adaptation. Presenting real-world cases in the contexts of coastal change, drinking water and the cryosphere, Michael Buser shows how the concept of care can be applied to water security and climate adaptation.

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What Is Veganism For?

Catherine Oliver shows why the veganism movement has become a powerful social, political and environmental force. She discusses the health and environmental benefits of veganism, explores the practical and social impacts of the shift to eating plants, and explains why veganism is not just a diet, but a way of life.

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Organizing Food, Faith and Freedom

Imagining Alternatives

Based on an autoethnographic study about a free food store in Aotearoa New Zealand, this book examines how alternative economies and relations emerge from community solutions, and how these could be used to think, act and organize differently against capitalist dynamics.

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Post-Carbon Inclusion

Transitions Built on Justice

This collection pays unique attention to the problems of addressing inequality within decarbonisation, such as high consumption, degrowth approaches and perverse outcomes. Illustrated with case studies from the city to the household, this timely book looks at ways to quicken the transition from high carbon inequalities to post-carbon inclusion.

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Disasters and Changes in Society and Politics

Contemporary Perspectives from Italy

Edited by Giuseppe Forino

This book brings a critical perspective to post-disaster reconstruction in Italy, and the sometimes radical changes in individual and collective behaviours that persist following such events. Considering the impacts of climate change and COVID-19, this edited book will stimulate debate on policy and practice in disaster recovery.