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Justice, law and human rights

There is no uniform adoption and application of an international set of rules upholding what is ‘right’ to protect society’s most vulnerable.

Disparities exist within and between countries; killings and enforced disappearances of human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists persist despite international scrutiny and condemnation; unsecured rights for ethnic minorities, marginalised peoples, the young and the differently abled all illustrate that there is little room for complacency within the arenas of law and justice.

Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities and Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, our publishing in this area examines how the law is responding, or failing to respond, to these issues in a global context.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Justice, law and human rights, we aim to address the following goals:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 10: Reduced inequalitiesSDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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What Is Anthropology For?

Should the line be maintained between nature and cultural, the biological and the informational, the human and the planetary? Kriti Kapila argues that anthropology provides an essential set of tools for analysing our social reality and makes a case for its unique insights into our human connection, relatedness and exchange.

Bristol Uni Press

An Introduction To Critical Criminology

The second edition of this popular textbook introduces students to key critical criminology concepts and new developments in the field.

Accessibly written, it offers an in-depth introduction to contemporary theories, including those that challenge mainstream theories about the causes of crime and the operation of the criminal justice system.

Bristol Uni Press

Sentencing Serious Sex Offenders

How Judges Decide when Discretion is Wide

Addressing a lack of high-quality sentencing information in Ireland, this important book explores the factors that influence judges to impose a sentence of long-term imprisonment in sexual offence cases. The book is designed to be used in the classroom and the court, as well as providing a solid evidence base to inform policy-makers.

Bristol Uni Press

Public Health and International Economic Law

Preventing Non-communicable Diseases and Promoting Better Health for All

This book tackles crucial and timely questions regarding the impact of international trade and investment law on state regulatory autonomy in crafting and executing measures to prevent non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Bristol Uni Press
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Abolitionist Voices

Edited by David Scott

Why have so many radical thinkers advocated for the abolition of prisons and punishment and why have their ideas been so difficult to communicate and garner widespread support? This book outlines the long and nuanced history of penal abolitionism and shows how these ideas have continued topicality.

Bristol Uni Press

Hashtag Activism and Women’s Rights

Are Social Media Campaigns Really Making Laws Better for Women and Girls?

This book sheds light on the global legal impact of international social media campaigns on women’s rights.

Bristol Uni Press

Diverse Voices in Health Law and Ethics

Important Perspectives

This book illuminates the often-overlooked perspectives of marginalized communities within health law. It reveals that the prevailing narrative in health law may not adequately safeguard the interests of minority groups and advocates for the integration of health inequality studies into healthcare law education.

Bristol Uni Press

Access to Social Justice

Effective Remedies for Social Rights

Available open access digitally under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. This book addresses the significant violations of social rights in the UK, as well as the gaps in access to justice to remedy them. This is a unique contribution to our understanding of human rights from the perspective of access to justice with key insights for policy and practice.

Bristol Uni Press
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Advancing Health Rights Through Community Development and Participatory Praxis

In our post-pandemic world, the international community and national governments are searching for new solutions to build healthy and resilient societies. This timely book focuses on community participation in building healthier populations, with practical examples from the Global North and South.

Policy Press

Social Harm and Neoliberalism

Political and Philosophical Issues

This book links criminological, political, moral and philosophical issues to offer a deeper understanding of the problem of social harm within the neoliberal environment. With case studies illustrating the direct and indirect harms that result from neoliberal policies or harmful inaction, it also demonstrates the harms caused by individualism.

Bristol Uni Press

The Far-Right in Ireland

Rise, Activities and International Links

Edited by Yasmine Ahmed
Bristol Uni Press

Beyond Privacy

People, Practices, Politics

This timely volume tackles the challenges of privacy in the digital sphere, addressing fundamental societal and structural issues from three perspectives: people, practices and politics. Experts from diverse fields provide a valuable contribution to key debates about privacy and data protection, surveillance capitalism and big tech companies.

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