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Migration, mobilities and movement

Addressing Goal 9:  Industry, innovation and infrastructureGoal 10: Reduced Inequalities and Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, our publishing on migration examines conflict, insecurity, access to justice and how policy should pay attention to the needs of marginalised populations.

Key on our list is the Global Migration and Social Change series, which opens up interdisciplinary terrain and develops new scholarship in migration and refugee studies that is innovative, empirically rich and policy engaged.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Mobilities and movement, we aim to address the following goals:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructureSDG 10: Reduced inequalitiesSDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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The Privatization of Immigration Detention

Actors, Practices, and Effects

This timely book explores the widespread involvement of private companies in UK detention and removal policies. Based on original empirical data, the author pulls back the curtain on the day-to-day practices of the Home Office and private service providers, offering critical insights about the inner workings and failings of their processes.

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Critical Research and Creative Practice with Migrant and Refugee Communities

Towards interventions based on practice research and community voices

Drawing on the voices and experiences of refugees, activists and professional practitioners, this collection illustrates the complexities of migration with real world case studies, and the possibilities of innovative therapeutic interventions.

Social Determinants of Health in Europe

Direct and Indirect Consequences of War

Edited by Adrian Bonner

Drawing on the perspectives of women and children displaced from Ukraine, as well as local authority policy makers and service providers, this book provides a unique view of the direct and indirect consequences of war in Europe and identifies the best responses to these ‘wicked issues’.

Midlife Geographies

Changing Lifecourses across Generations, Spaces and Time

As the ‘sandwich’ generation, people in midlife often have significant work and caring responsibilities, yet they are the subject of relatively little research. This short, accessible book redresses the balance in offering a geographical approach to how people claim space in midlife while analysing the influences of gender, class and location.

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Intimacy as a Lens on Work and Migration

Experiences of Ethnic Performers in Southwest China

This book explores the experiences of ethnic performers' in a small Chinese city. Introducing the concept of ‘intimacy as a lens’, the author examines intimate negotiations involving emotions, sense of self and relationships as a way of understanding wider social inequalities.

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Developing a Critical Pedagogy of Migration Studies

Ethics, Politics, and Practice in the Classroom

Complete with pedagogical features that provide space for reflection and discussion, this book invites readers to examine their own relationships with migration, ethics, politics and power, encouraging teachers, students and practitioners to think critically about their position in relation to the knowledge they both bring and gain.

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The Digital Transformation of the European Border Regime

The Powers and Perils of Imagining Future Borders

This book offers an in-depth investigation into the digitizsation processes of Europe’s border regime.

With a focus on the European Union agency eu-LISA, one of the most significant actors in the digital border regime, it shows how sociotechnical imaginations drives the future of borders and European governance of mobility.

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The Shape of Belonging for Unaccompanied Young Migrants

Drawing on interviews and the Deleuzo-Guattarian concepts of assemblage, this book provides an empirical and theoretical examination of the belonging of unaccompanied young migrants seeking protection in the UK, shedding light on the complex and paradoxical nature of belonging under precarious conditions.

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Emotions in Crisis

Youth and Social Change in Spain

Drawing on the experiences of young adults after the 2008 economic crisis in Spain, Emotions in Crisis analyses the impact of structural changes in society on individual and collective emotions.

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Low-Paid EU Migrant Workers

The House, The Street, The Town

This unique research paints a vivid picture of migrant workers' experiences during the turbulent times of Brexit and COVID-19. Based on longitudinal research, it explores their legal struggles around employment, housing, welfare and health and sheds much-needed light on the crucial role of NGOs helping migrants navigate them.

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Migration, Crisis and Temporality at the Zimbabwe–South Africa Border

Governing Immobilities

This insightful book explores the governance of immobilities and temporality in African migration. It shares lessons from the experiences of Zimbabwean migrants fleeing economic crisis to the South African town of Musina and asks what the work of state and non-state actors there tell us about the management of immobile people and places.

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Peer Relationships at School

New Perspectives on Migration and Diversity

Drawing on research from two UK schools, this book reveals how migration, language, ethnicity, religion and precarity shape youth relationships. Using Buber's model, it analyses 'I-It' and 'I-Thou' interactions, showcasing their power to reshape differences. It offers a pragmatic and hopeful view of the dynamics of diversity in everyday life.

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