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The future of work, finance and the economy

The future of work and the availability of sustainable jobs are key global social challenges.

Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, our list provides in-depth research into topics from the role of trade unions in the 21st century to the impact of AI and machine learning. Key series in this area include Feminist Perspectives on Work and Organization and Organizations and Activism.

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Employer Engagement

Making Active Labour Market Policies Work

Active labour market policies aim to assist people not in work into work through a range of interventions including job search, training and in-work support and development. While policies and scholarship predominantly focus on jobseekers’ engagement with these initiatives, this book sheds light for the first time on the employer’s perspective.

Bristol Uni Press

Where's the ‘Human’ in Human Resource Management?

Managing Work in the 21st Century

Drawing on case studies from the UK, Ireland, US and Australia, this book addresses the major workplace challenges of HRM today to create a textbook for the 21st century.

Bristol Uni Press

Crises at Work

Economy, Climate and Pandemic

It is impossible to view the news at present without hearing talk of crisis: the economy, the climate, the pandemic. This book asks how these larger societal issues lead to a crisis with work, making it ever more precarious, unequal and intense. Experts diagnose the nature of the problem and offer a programme for transcending above the crises.

Bristol Uni Press
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Recasting Workers' Power

Work and Inequality in the Shadow of the Digital Age

Drawing on ethnographic studies of precarious work in Africa, this innovative book discusses their implications for labour of how globalisation and digitalisation are drivers for structural change. It explores the role of digital technology in new business models, and ways in which digitalization can be harnessed for counter mobilisation.

Bristol Uni Press

Gender, Ageing and Extended Working Life

Cross-National Perspectives

A challenge to the assumption that there is appropriate employment available for people who are expected to retire later and the gender-neutral way the expectation for extending working lives is presented in most policy-making circles.

Policy Press

Labour Market Policies in the Era of Pervasive Austerity

A European Perspective

This edited volume investigates the changing patterns of labour market and unemployment policies in EU member states during the period since the politics of austerity took hold in 2010.

Policy Press

The Harms of Work

An Ultra-Realist Account of the Service Economy

This book discusses workplace harm through an ultra-realist lens and examines the connection between individuals, their working conditions and management culture. It investigates the reorganisation of labour markets and the shift to flexibility and highlights working conditions and organisational practices within which multiple harms occur.

Bristol Uni Press

Work and Alienation in the Platform Economy

Amazon and the Power of Organization

Drawing on interviews with Amazon workers and original empirical data, this book explores how different working conditions estrange and alienate workers, and how, despite these, workers find ways to organize and express their agency. This is an important analysis of work on the digital shop floor for the scholars of platform economy.

Bristol Uni Press

The Creation of Poverty and Inequality in India

Exclusion, Isolation, Domination and Extraction

This book analyses poverty in India as being intimately connected with the advent of caste, untouchability, colonialism, indentured servitude and slavery, and their relation to modern practices. It recommends a slew of bold domestic and international policies to eliminate poverty.

Bristol Uni Press

Varieties of Impact Investing

Creating and Translating a Label in Local Contexts

Impact investment is the latest trend in ethical finance, but what does it really mean and how is it practiced across different regions and organizations? This book explores the malleability of impact investing, and how it overlaps with the development sphere to give finance a new role.

Bristol Uni Press
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Work, Money and Duality

Trading Sex as a Side Hustle

Winner of the British Society of Criminology Annual Book Prize 2022. This valuable exploration of work duality calls for recognition of the experiences of sex workers, featuring the accounts of individuals who take extraordinary risks to hold jobs in both sex industries and non-sex work employment.

Policy Press

Post-Corona Capitalism

The Alternatives Ahead

This book draws on comparative and international political economy to explore alternative options for future economic development in the wake of COVID-19. Covering all major infrastructures of contemporary capitalism affected by the pandemic, it analyses the impacts of the crisis on our global socio-economic-political systems.

Bristol Uni Press

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