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Hannah Lewis

Dr Hannah Lewis is Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow, at the University of Sheffield. Her research interests include community and social relationships, migration and refugee studies; immigration and asylum policy; forced labour and ‘modern slavery’, faith and anti-trafficking; and the ethics and methodologies of research with migrant populations. Her work has been published in many journals and she has contributed to three books.
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The Modern Slavery Agenda

Policy, Politics and Practice

Modern slavery is growing despite the introduction of laws to try to stem it. This is the first book critically to assess the legislation, using evidence from across the field, and to offer strategies for improvement in policy and practice.

Policy Press

Precarious Lives

Forced Labour, Exploitation and Asylum

Available Open Access under CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Engaging with contemporary debates about precarity, unfreedom and socio-legal status, this ground breaking book presents the first evidence of forced labour among displaced migrants who seek refuge in the UK.

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