Henry Tam

Henry Tam is a writer, educator and former head for civic renewal under the last Labour government. He was previously a lecturer at the University of Cambridge.


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Who’s Afraid of Political Education

The Challenge to Teach Civic Competence and Democratic Participation

Edited by Henry Tam

Experts on learning for democracy to explore why and how the gap in civic competence should be bridged. They make the case for a more effective form of political education that can enable citizens to learn to exert their influence over their government in an informed and meaningful manner.

Policy Press

Tomorrow’s Communities

Lessons for Community-based Transformation in the Age of Global Crises

Edited by Henry Tam

This book sets out how people’s lives can be positively transformed through diverse forms of community involvement. It shows how communities can become more collaborative and resilient in dealing with the problems they face and provides a guide to what a holistic policy agenda for community-based transformation should encompass.

Policy Press

Whose Government Is It?

The Renewal of State-Citizen Cooperation

Edited by Henry Tam

This book brings together leading figures in democratic reform and civic engagement to show why and how better state-citizen cooperation is needed to improve democracy and achieve positive social change across a range of policy areas and in varied national contexts.

Bristol Uni Press

Time to Save Democracy

How to Govern Ourselves in the Age of Anti-Politics

In the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, Henry Tam explores what should be done to revive democracy, setting out in a clear and accessible manner 9 key areas where reforms are necessary to ensure we can govern ourselves more effectively.

Policy Press