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EJPG Best Article Award

The EJPG Best Article Award is awarded annually to the best article published in the European Journal of Politics and Gender in the previous year.

All articles published in EJPG in the previous year are eligible. The article shortlist is determined by the EJPG Editorial Team. The award-winning article is selected by a committee appointed by the Editorial Team. The prize is normally awarded at the European Conference on Politics and Gender.

Announcing the winner of the 2022 Best Article Award 

The 2022 Best Article Award for the European Journal of Politics and Gender has been awarded to Rossella Ciccia and Conny Roggeband for their article “Unpacking intersectional solidarity: dimensions of power in coalitions”, published in EJPG Volume 4, Number 2, June 2021. As a reward, the article will be made Open Access.

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2022 Award Committee

Dr Lucie Fremlova (Independent Researcher, Lucie Fremlova Consultancy, UK) 
Dr Julieta Suarez Cao (Pontifical Catholic University, Chile) 
Dr Zein Murib (Fordham University, USA) 

Why did the Committee select this article?

Ciccia and Roggeband present a framework for theorizing and assessing coalitional solidarity as intersectional, an approach that is currently lacking in the literature on coalitional solidarities.  According to the Committee, Ciccia and Roggeband’s article should be commended for their conceptual contribution that is key to the intersection of feminist activism and public policies. The typology they advance highlights the problem of asymmetries of power and provides a roadmap for researchers on how to analyze the extent to which coalitions deliver on their intersectional promise. It will also be useful in teaching intersectionality, as it answers questions students have regarding how to do intersectionality. Overall, this article opens avenues for future research and is especially useful for teaching purposes, presenting as it does a clear set of criteria and explanations for how to approach solidarity in both research and practice.

As editors we would like first to congratulate Dr Rossella Ciccia and Dr Conny Roggeband on receiving the EJPG Best Article Award for 2022. We would also like to thank our Committee Members for their efforts in judging the articles and in so doing, showing their support for gender and sexuality scholarship and of course for the EJPG.

Read the award winning article:
Unpacking intersectional solidarity: dimensions of power in coalitions
Rossella Ciccia and Conny Roggeband

Learn more about the prize winning authors 

Rossella Ciccia is Associate Professor of Social Policy in in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention and a Fellow of Green Templeton College. Her research interests lie in field of comparative social policy with a particular focus on issues relating to social inequalities, gender, care and paid work in Europe and Latin America. She is Co-Chair of the ECPR standing group on Gender and Politics and a member of the scientific board of the International Observatory on Social Cohesion and Inclusion. In February 2020, she received the inaugural Emma Goldman award in recognition of the substantial contributions of her research to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe. To learn more about Dr Ciccia’s research, visit: https://www.spi.ox.ac.uk/people/dr-rossella-ciccia.  

Conny Roggeband is Associate Professor in public policy and governance. She has written extensively on the politicization of gender-based violence, gender mainstreaming and equality policies, social movements and transnational feminist networking based on research conducted in the Netherlands, Spain and Latin America. She uses gender as a theoretical lens to examine issues of power and authority and how these are embedded in organizational rules, policy routines and practices thus shaping policy outcomes. Conny is an editor of the Dutch Journal of Gender Studies, member of the Editorial Board of Politics and Governance and member of the Advisory Board of Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest. To learn more about Dr Roggeband’s research, visit: https://www.uva.nl/profiel/r/o/c.m.roggeband/c.m.roggeband.html

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