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Previous winners of the EJPG Best Article Award

The EJPG Best Article Award is awarded annually to the best article published in the European Journal of Politics and Gender in the previous year.

All articles published in EJPG in the previous year are eligible. The article shortlist is determined by the EJPG Editorial Team. The award-winning article is selected by a committee appointed by the European Conference on Politics and Gender. The prize is awarded at the European Conference on Politics and Gender.


The 2020 EJPG Best Article Award winner(s) will be announced in early September.

Congratulations to the 2019 Winner:

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural ‘best article’ award for the European Journal of Politics and Gender has been awarded to Peace Medie and Alice Kang for their article Power, knowledge and the politics of gender in the Global South, published in EJPG Volume 1, Numbers 1-2, July 2018. As reward, the article has been made Open Access.

Read the winning article here

2019 Award Committee
Sarah Childs (European Journal of Politics and Gender), Chair
Christina Wolbrecht (University of Notre Dame)
Tony Haastrup (University of Kent)

Why did the Committee select this article?

Medie and Kang contend that ‘scholarship on women, gender and politics does not sufficiently consider the effects of the global order in the Global South’. Their analysis of South-based scholars’ publications in leading women, gender and politics journals finds severe under-representation. The authors call for a decolonization of the scholarship and ‘propose steps to address’ the under-representation.

According to the Committee, Medie and Kang’s article should be applauded for the very powerful statement it makes: it constitutes an important contribution to the growing body of knowledge questioning the dominance of certain voices within the discipline. The research was further commended for being rigorously conceived - merging pragmatism and precedent in determining the research design – and its production of original analysis. This provided an especially clear view of the range and the depth of the problem of under-representation by South-based scholars. Its significant message is importantly not limited to gender and politics scholarship but speaks more broadly to the disciplines of Politics and International Relations. In their prescriptions Medie and Kang were clear-eyed about the causes, and as a result, the possibilities for greater equity

As editors we would like to first congratulate Peace and Alice on receiving the EJPG ‘best article’ Award for 2019.  We would also like to thank our Committee Members for their efforts in judging the articles and in so doing, showing their support for gender scholarship and of course for the EJPG.

Learn more about the prize winning authors 

Peace A. Medie is Senior Lecturer in Gender and International Politics at the University of Bristol. She is writing a book on the domestic implementation of international women's rights norms. Her articles have been published in African Affairs, International Studies Review, and Politics & Gender.

Alice J. Kang is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is author of Bargaining for women’s rights: Activism in an aspiring Muslim democracy (University of Minnesota Press) and articles in Africa Today, Comparative Politics Studies, Politics & Gender, and Perspectives on Politics.