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The top 10 most read papers published in the European Journal of Politics and Gender in 2018 were:

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Intersectionality and the politics of knowledge production
Authors: Mügge, Liza; Montoya, Celeste; Emejulu, Akwugo; Weldon, S. Laurel

Power, knowledge and the politics of gender in the Global South
Authors: Medie, Peace A.; Kang, Alice J.

Feminist international relations: some research agendas for a world in transition
Authors: Prügl, Elisabeth; Tickner, J. Ann

With or without feminism? Researching gender and politics in the 21st century
Authors: Ackerly, Brooke; True, Jacqui

Coming out of the political science closet: the study of LGBT politics in Europe
Author: Paternotte, David

Gendering welfare state analysis: tensions between care and paid work
Authors: Ciccia, Rossella; Sainsbury, Diane

Power struggles: gender equality in political representation
Authors: Celis, Karen; Lovenduski, Joni

Nudges for gender equality? What can behaviour change offer gender and politics?
Author: Waylen, Georgina

Methods, methodologies and epistemologies in the study of gender and politics
Authors: Tripp, Aili Mari; Hughes, Melanie M.

Taking implementation seriously in assessing success: the politics of gender equality policy
Authors: Engeli, Isabelle; Mazur, Amy