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Open Access options for journals

Green Open Access archiving has already been possible for some time; for more information see our policy on self-archiving and institutional repositories. Our journals are fully compliant with funder mandates. We understand that different funding bodies have different requirements. If you need any clarification about our green Open Access policy, please email us to discuss your needs. 

Read and Publish Agreements provide universities with access to our complete journal portfolio collection (17 titles) while enabling authors at participating institutions to publish their original research Open Access in any of our subscription or hybrid journals for a flat annual fee. We are currently offering Read and Publish agreements to UK universities in collaboration with JISC. Learn more about our Read and Publish Initative.   

Gold Open Access publishing (making articles freely available to the reader under a variety of CC-BY licences) is also available upon payment of an Article Processing Charge of £1,500+VAT. The Open Access status of an article in no way influences its chance of acceptance or review, and payment should only be made after acceptance. In order to make your article Gold Open Access, please contact us ( to request an invoice and confirm the licence you would like applied to your article. UK customers can also pay by credit card online if they prefer, by visiting our online shop.

Please note we are unable to process refunds for Article Processing Charges, including in the event of article retraction or later removal. We do, however, ensure that Bristol University Press and Policy Press do not charge twice for the same article, and will fully refund an APC in the event of duplicate payment.

For more information on the Gold Open Access option, please read our FAQ document.

Article Processing Charges (APCs) for Gold Open Access

CriteriaArticle Processing ChargeDiscount
Standard APC£1500 + VAT0%
Author from institution subscribing to the BUP/Policy Press Full Collection or Mix & Match 5 Journal Package£1200 + VAT20%
Author from a Policy Press Journal Editorial Board£1200 + VAT20%
First author from country in High or Medium Human Development category of UN HDI. (Authors from countries in the Very High Human Development category do not qualify for this discount.) £750 + VAT50%
First author from country in Low Human Development category of UN HDI£0100%

Global Social Challenges Journal 

Global Social Challenges Journal will operate on a Gold Open Access basis. In the first year (for articles submitted by 31 December 2022), only those with full funding for publishing Open Access will pay an Article Processing Charge (APC). Thereafter, we will continue to offer discounts and waivers for those without funding and from low, medium and high Human Development categories.

Open Access queries related to the Global Social Challenges Journal should be sent to

Read our Open Access FAQs

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