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Read and Publish Agreements: Frequently Asked Questions

Bristol Univeristy Press are now offering Read and Publish Agreements in partnership with JISC. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for librarians and for authors.

For Librarians  

Q: What is a Read and Publish agreement?   

A Read and Publish Agreement combines subscription costs and Article Processing Charges (APCs) into one flat annual fee. Faculty at participating institutions will be able to access 17 Bristol University Press and Policy Press titles and publish original research articles in our hybrid or subscription journals without paying Article Processing Charges at the point of use. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of research articles that can be made open access under this agreement?

There is no limit on the number of Open Acess research articles your faculty can publish.  

Q: How can my institution join the initiative?  

Institutions must place their order via a Jisc Licence subscriptions manager to confirm the order and accept the terms of the licence electronically. You can place an order via the JISC ordering page.

For further product and pricing information, please contact Alex Fenlon (alex.fenlon@Jisc.ac.uk). For further information on the Bristol University Press/Policy Press journals portfolio, please contact Simon Bell (Institutional Sales Manager) at simon.bell@bristol.ac.uk

Q: My institution is based outside of the UK. Can I participate in a Read and Publish Initiative?  

We are happy to work with institutions and consortia that are not eligible for the JISC agreement. If you would like to discuss a Read and Publish Agreement for your organisation, please contact Simon Bell at simon.bell@bristol.ac.uk.

Q: I already have a 2022/2023 subscription. Can I upgrade to Read and Publish?

Yes. To arrange a transition to a Read and Publish Agreement, email Simon Bell at simon.bell@bristol.ac.uk.

For authors 

Q: Can I publish Open Access without paying Article Processing Charges?

In order to publish Open Access without fees you must be the corresponding author, based at a participating institution and you must submit your original research article while the institution is participating in the deal (1 January 2024- 31 December 2024). If you are unsure if you are eligible please contact your librarian.  

Q: How do I claim my fee free Open Access?

Once your paper has been accepted email bup-journals@bristol.ac.uk to claim your Open Access. Please include details of your submission and the name of your institution in the email.  

Q: Can I choose my Creative Commons licence type?

Yes we offer a veriety of CC licence types. Email bup-journals@bristol.ac.uk to learn more.

Q: Which article types are eligible?

Only original research articles are eligible for fee free Open Access covered by the Read and Publish Initiative.

Q: Which journals can I publish in?

The following journals are covered by the Read and Publish Initiative:

Consumption and Society 

Critical and Radical Social Work 

Emotions and Society 

European Journal of Politics and Gender 

European Social Work Research - New for 2023

Evidence & Policy 

Families, Relationships & Societies 

Global Discourse 

Global Political Economy

International Journal of Care and Caring 

Journal of Gender-Based Violence 

Journal of Global Ageing 

Journal of Poverty & Social Justice 

Journal of Psychosocial Studies 

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice 

Justice, Power and Resistance 

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 

Policy & Politics  

Voluntary Sector Review 

Work in the Global Economy