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The offer

This agreement will provide universities with read access to Bristol University Press and Policy Press's full journals collection and enable unlimited immediate open access publishing of the Version of Record for all corresponding authors at those participating institutions to publish their original research open access in the named journals.

The proposal covers all 20 journals included in the Bristol University Press/Policy Press journals collection.

The deal also includes a 15% discount on book open access (BPCs) for all faculty at the subscribing institution.

2024 Pricing Model

Read element - $8,664
Publish element - $1,931
Total -  $10,595

Read element - € 7,319
Publish element -  €1,741
Total -  €9,060

Read element - £6,108
Publish element - £1,545
Total -  £7,653

For UK university prices see JISC

Email bup-digital@bristol.ac.uk to place your order.

For Consortia pricing, please contact Simon Bell at simon.bell@bristol.ac.uk.


Transitional agreement model: Read and Publish

Term: Two years

Eligible institutions/group: Higher Education, Further Education, Academic-related Affiliates, Non-academic-related Affiliates, Research Councils

Eligible articles: Original peer-reviewed research however other research outputs may be considered in line with funder policy mandates.

Eligible authors: Corresponding authors at participating institutions.


  • Consumption and Society 
  • Critical and Radical Social Work
  • Emotions and Society 
  • European Journal of Politics and Gender
  • European Social Work Research - New for 2023
  • Evidence & Policy
  • Families Relationships and Societies
  • Global Discourse
  • Global Political Economy 
  • International Journal of Care and Caring 
  • Journal of Gender-Based Violence 
  • Journal of Global Ageing - Launch in 2024
  • Journal of Poverty & Social Justice 
  • Journal of Psychosocial Studies
  • Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice (2018 - present)
  • Justice, Power and Resistance 
  • Longitudinal and Life Course Studies
  • Policy & Politics Premium (1972 - present)
  • Voluntary Sector Review
  • Work in the Global Economy


Further information

Subscribers will be automatically upgraded to the latest collection each year.

In the event of cancellation, there will be continuing access for authorised users to that part of the Licensed Materials that was published and paid for within the Subscription Period.

Please email bup.digital@bristol.ac.uk for a draft licence.  

Participating institutions

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