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End of the Road

Reimagining the Street as the Heart of the City

This book offers a unique look at streets as locations that can evolve to support the economic, social, cultural and natural aspects of cities. It focuses on how the power of streets can be harnessed to shape more dynamic spaces for walking, biking and living and stimulate urban vitality and community regeneration.

Bristol Uni Press

Muslims and Humour

Essays on Comedy, Joking, and Mirth in Contemporary Islamic Contexts

In this thought-provoking collection, Muslim and non-Muslim academics take a multi-disciplinary approach to humour in Islam. They draw on examples of comedy practices and styles to scope sociological, cultural, theological and political themes, consider humour’s role in fundamentalism, and correct misconceptions about laughter in the religion.

Bristol Uni Press

Public Service Motivation?

Rethinking What Motivates Public Actors

Christopher O’Leary provides a fresh perspective on prosocial working choices in this first substantive critique of Public Service Motivation. The book reviews concepts of PSM and research to date and explores the rationales and aims of public and third sector workers before proposing alternative theories for people’s motivations to serve.

Policy Press

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Better Worlds

Ideas and Inspiration from the Zapatistas

Written by an international team of authors, this ambitious volume offers radical alternatives to staid ways of thinking on the most crucial global challenges of our times. Bridging real examples of political agency, collective action and mutual aid with big-picture concepts, the book encourages readers to ‘be a Zapatista’, wherever they are.

Policy Press

Care for Older Adults in India

Living Arrangements and Quality of Life

India’s ageing population is growing rapidly. This book examines living arrangements across India and their impact on the provision of care for older adults in India.

Policy Press

COVID-19 Collaborations

Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic

This book synthesises the challenges of researching everyday life for families on low incomes during the COVID-19 pandemic to improve future policy and practice.

Policy Press

Diversity, Inclusion, and Decolonization

Practical Tools for Improving Teaching, Research, and Scholarship

Written by academics from different disciplines and backgrounds, this book offers an international practical guide to doing diversity in the social sciences.

Bristol Uni Press

Interpreting Religion

Making Sense of Religious Lives

This collection brings together a diverse range of interpretivist perspectives to find fresh takes on the meanings of religion. Cutting across paradigms and traditions, experts from the UK, US, and India apply different approaches to engagement with beliefs and themes, including identity, ritual, and emotion.

Bristol Uni Press

Hidden Voices

Lived Experiences in the Irish Welfare Space

Welfare states are a major feature of many societies. This book draws on qualitative interviews with people receiving various working age welfare payments in Ireland to analyse welfare conditionality and explore stigma, social reciprocity and the notions of the deserving and undeserving poor.

Policy Press

The Gendered Face of COVID-19 in the Global South

The Development, Gender and Health Nexus

In this important book, experts assess what the COVID-19 pandemic means for gender inequalities in the global south, examining how threats to equitable development will impact the most marginalised and at-risk women and girls in particular.

Bristol Uni Press

How to Achieve Defence Cooperation in Europe?

The Subregional Approach

This timely analysis of security in Europe identifies the factors that enable and hinder the creation of networks of defence cooperation across the continent.

Bristol Uni Press

Human Trafficking in the Era of Global Migration

Unraveling the Impact of Neoliberal Economic Policy

This book explores the global social issues that contribute to human trafficking in three countries – Cambodia, Bolivia and The Gambia - using a new theoretical framework and innovative methodology that considers their similarities and unique histories.

Bristol Uni Press