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Escaping Dystopia

Rebuilding a Public Domain

Overcoming crises and forging alternatives is the most pressing issue of our times. In this book, Stephen McBride explores the multiple crises defining neoliberalism, identifying the linkages between them, and argues for radical solutions to revive our increasingly dystopian political and economic world.

Bristol Uni Press

Resisting AI

An Anti-fascist Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, yet it causes damage to society in ways that can’t be fixed. Calling for the restructuring of AI, Dan McQuillan sets out an anti-fascist approach that replaces exclusions with caring and outlines new mechanisms that support collective freedom.

Bristol Uni Press

The Short Guide to International Development

By providing a succinct evaluation of competing approaches to, and perspectives on, the idea and practice of international development, this book offers students across the social sciences a distinct and invaluable introduction to the field.

Policy Press

The Deadly Intersections of COVID-19

Race, States, Inequalities and Global Society

Edited by Sunera Thobani

This book showcases the impact of state responses to COVID-19 on marginalized communities. The authors analyse the lockdowns, immigration and border controls, vaccine trials, income support and access to healthcare across eight countries in Australasia, North America, Asia and Europe to reveal the internal inequities within and between countries.

Bristol Uni Press

Moral Gravity

Staying Together at the End of the World

This radical book unsettles how we think about taking responsibility for environmental catastrophe.

Going beyond both hopelessness and false hope as responses to climate change, Hill envisions a society that does not centre human beings at its core and calls for sustaining a coexistence of animals, plants and minerals bound by one planet.

Bristol Uni Press

The Politics of Ailment

A New Approach to Care

Challenging the ethics of care as a tradeable commodity, this book introduces the concept of ailment as a framework for understanding social care. Providing examples from Britain and Finland, it demonstrates how ailment shapes all societies, and by addressing the marketisation of care, the authors bring to light increasing inequalities in care.

Policy Press

Safeguarding Adults Online

Perspectives on Rights to Participation

This volume fills an overlooked gap in adult safeguarding - the digital arena - in providing a comprehensive and accessible analysis of best practice in safeguarding vulnerable adults online.

Policy Press

Broken Solidarities

How Open Global Governance Divides and Rules

Felix Anderl’s book is a stimulating analysis of the decline of the social movement against the World Bank and the rise of a new form of transnational rule. The book observes international organizations and social movements in their interaction, demonstrating how social movements are divided and ruled in the absence of a ruler.

Bristol Uni Press

Challenges in Mental Health and Policing

Key Themes and Perspectives

Police officers deal with mental illness-related incidents on an almost daily basis. Ian Cummins explores the policy failures that have led to this situation, and considers how the individuals in police officers’ care should be supported by community mental health agencies.

Policy Press

Contemporary Intersectional Criminology in the UK

Examining the Boundaries of Intersectionality and Crime

Edited by Jane Healy and Ben Colliver

In the first collection of its kind, criminology experts demonstrate the value of applying intersectionality as theory, framework and methodology in research. They explore applications including race, gender and age alongside a range of experiences relating to harm, hate crimes and offending, to shed new light on the causes and effects of crime.

Bristol Uni Press

Critical Engagement with Public Sociology

A Perspective from the Global South

Involving four generations of Global South researchers, this book provides a theoretical and empirical critique of Burawoy’s model of public sociology. It offers a bridge between debates on public sociology and decolonial frameworks.

Bristol Uni Press

Ethical Evidence and Policymaking

Interdisciplinary and International Research

This important book offers practical advice for using evidence and research in policymaking. Covering important policy areas including the GM debate, the environment and Black Lives Matter, each chapter in the book assesses the ethical challenges, the status of evidence in explaining or describing the issue and possible solutions to the problem.

Policy Press