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Open Access options for books

We are delighted to be able to offer gold open access for full length monographs and Research Shorts as well as green archiving options for books and individual book chapters.

Gold Open Access monographs

All books published Gold Open Access are:

• subject to rigorous peer review at proposal and typescript stage as for all our books
• professionally copy-edited and proof read
• produced with high-quality design and typesetting

Availability, marketing and distribution

Availability is through the OAPEN Library in ePDF format. As other platforms develop we will investigate them to ensure the maximum possible availability and discoverability of content.


Our recommended licence is CC-BY-NC-ND but all other Creative Commons’ licences are available on request.

Costs for Gold Open Access

Our open access monograph offering is a gold route to Open Access dissemination that requires payment of a publishing charge to cover publication costs. Our charges are dependent on page length as follows:

Shorts: 20-45K words
£6000 + VAT
Shorts: 50K + words
£7500 + VAT
Monographs: 60-90K words
£9000 + VAT
Monographs: 95-120K words
£11000 + VAT
VAT/taxes where applicable

A 10% discount is available for authors from institutions who subscribe to the full Bristol University Press and Policy Press Journals Collection.

To discuss all available options, please contact the appropriate commissioning editor for your discipline. Information can be found on our contact us and subject area pages, or you can contact Journals Director Julia Mortimer (julia.mortimer@bristol.ac.uk) for any generic queries.


The ePDF version will be free to access for all.  Print copies will be available on demand for those who wish to purchase the research in hardcopy, as well as Kindle and epub versions for use on reading devices.

We can also provide bulk print copies for free dissemination to your own contacts – contact us for further details and pricing.

Open access titles

Browse our open access titles here.

Green routes to open access for books

We facilitate Green Open Access routes as well as Gold. For more information please see our self-archiving and institutional repository policy.


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