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The Complexities of Human Trafficking

A New Systemic Model to Protect Victims, Disrupt and Prosecute Traffickers

Written by an experienced practitioner, this book offers a unique model to assist professionals and researchers working to prosecute and prevent trafficking and modern slavery.

Policy Press

Trafficking Chains

Modern Slavery in Society

This book offers a theory of trafficking and modern slavery with implications for policy. Going beyond polarised debates on the sex trade, this book shows the importance of coercion and the societal complexities that perpetuate modern slavery.

Bristol Uni Press

Smuggling and Trafficking of Migrants in Southern Europe

Criminal Actors, Dynamics and Migration Policies

This book focuses on migrant smuggling and trafficking in Italy, Spain and Greece, tackling key issues such as the role of criminals and the economic factors that expose migrants to exploitation upon arrival.

Bristol Uni Press

Criminal Justice, Wildlife Conservation and Animal Rights in the Anthropocene

This book addresses one of today’s most urgent issues: the loss of wildlife and habitat. Combining conservation studies with a focus on animal rights, the chapters explore the successes and failures of the international treaties CITES and the BERN Convention.

Bristol Uni Press

Luxury and Corruption

Challenging the Anti-Corruption Consensus

Why do anti-corruption efforts routinely fail? What kind of world are they creating? Looking at luxury art, antiquities, superyachts and populist politics, this book explores the connection between luxury and corruption, and offers an alternative to the received wisdom of how we tackle corruption.

Bristol Uni Press

Gangs and Minorities in Singapore

Masculinity, Marginalization and Resistance

This book is a unique ethnographic study of a racially exclusive Malay Muslim gang, Omega, which has its roots in Singapore’s prisons. In demonstrating that gang involvement can be an adaptive strategy for marginalized groups, this book promotes a more inclusive and restorative justice model for people with repeat convictions.

Bristol Uni Press

Exploring Urban Youth Culture Outside of the Gang Paradigm

Critical Questions of Youth, Gender and Race On-Road

Young people ‘on-road’ are often criminalised due to interlocking structural inequalities. Looking beyond concerns about gangs, the book addresses the concerns of practitioners, policy makers and scholars in analysing aspects and misinterpretations of the shifting realities of young people’s urban life.

Bristol Uni Press

The War on Dirty Money

Billions of dollars are wasted each year trying to prevent ‘dirty money’ entering a financial system that is already awash with it. This book challenges the existing global approach and provides a toolbox of evidence-based solutions to help the frontline tackle financial crime.

Policy Press

Dealing, Music and Youth Violence

Neighbourhood Relational Change, Isolation and Youth Criminality

With fascinating ethnographic and interview data, James Alexander explores the disappearance of localised relationships and the rise in youth violence in a South London housing estate. Evaluating the effectiveness of youth work programmes, he considers the impact of the gradual move from neighbourly to professional support for young people.

Bristol Uni Press

Contesting County Lines

Case Studies in Drug Crime and Deviant Entrepreneurship

Combining a compulsive read with rigorous academic analysis, this book tells the real-life stories of drug dealers involved in county lines networks. This myth-busting, accessible book offers a new way of thinking about drug crime prevention, intervention and enforcement.

Bristol Uni Press

Youth Crime Prevention and Sports

An Evaluation of Sport-Based Programmes and Their Effectiveness

Sports-based crime prevention programmes are increasingly popular world-wide but until now there has been very little research on their effectiveness. The authors analyse successful Positive Youth Development practices and their effectiveness in decreasing the risk of criminal involvement, giving recommendations for future policy and practice.

Bristol Uni Press

Boys, Childhood Domestic Abuse and Gang Involvement

Violence at Home, Violence On-Road

Previously overlooked in domestic violence and abuse policy and practice, Jade Levell offers radical insights into the lives of young boys in DVA-affected households.

Showing how boys in this context navigate their journey to manhood, including gang involvement, the book makes practice recommendations for supporting these ‘hidden victims’.

Bristol Uni Press