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Essential reading on race and ethnicity

As a publisher who has had tackling inequality at its heart for 25 years, we stand in solidarity with everyone fighting all forms of racism and social injustice. 

Find highights below of the important work that our authors have been contributing to the debates. We hope that this will contribute to much needed social change.

Selected titles

A selection of related journal articles

Critical and Radical Social Work

Black History Month: a provocation and a timeline
Authors: Charlotte Williams and Claudia Bernard

Ferguson proves the United States justice system is not broken, but working perfectly as designed
Author: Deona Hooper

Marxism and anti-racism
Author: Ken Olende

Social work as protest: conversations with selected first black social work women in South Africa
Authors: Allucia Lulu Shokane and Mogomme Alpheus Masoga

The politics of hunger and the legacy of resistance in postcolonial social work
Author: Melinda Madew and Jason M. Leung

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Taking bread off the table: race, gender, resources and political ambition in Brazil
Author: Kristin Wylie

Emotions and Society

Emotional micro bases of social inequality: emotional energy, emotional domination and charismatic solidarity
Author: Randall Colins

Evidence and Policy

Scrutinising statistics, questioning BME unemployment: the uses of labour market statistics in Parliamentary Select Committee evidence sessions
Author: Julian Molina

Global Discourse 

'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George': Europe and the Limits of Integrating Identity
Author: Russell Foster

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Guest Edited by Dan Degerman

Journal of Gender Based Violence 

“I didn’t think this service was for people like us”: improving service response to BME survivors of sexual violence
Authors: Mariana Cancoro de Matos and Clare McFeely

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Gender, ethnicity and activism: 'the miracle is when we don't give up...'
Authors: Anna Daróczi, Angéla Kóczé, Jelena Jovanovic, Jovanovic Cemlyn, Violeta Vajda, Vera Kurtić,  Alina Serban and Lisa Smith

Identity, representation and the 'acceptable face' of equalities policy making in Britain
Author: Asif Afridi

Journal of Psychosocial Studies

Laplanche and the anti-racist unconscious, rewriting seduction, listening to the noise
Author: Bogdan Popa