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Bristol University Press at the IV ISA Forum of Sociology

We hope you are enjoying the IV ISA Forum of Sociology.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are committed to publishing high-impact empirical and theoretical works across the social sciences. Our growing Sociology books and journals have a global outlook featuring high-quality research across emerging and established areas in the field.

We produce leading works in the field, to include the forthcoming book Social Movements and Politics in a Global Pandemic: Crisis, Solidarity and Change, edited by Breno Bringel and Geoffrey Pleyers which is a joint initiative of the International Sociological Association (ISA), the Latin American Sociological Association (ALAS), and the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). 

Our journals in Sociology include the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, Families, Relationships and Societies, Emotions and Society and Global Discourse. Please browse all our journals content via the links below.

Join the editors of the forthcoming Social Movements and Politics in a Global Pandemic at the ISA Forum at the following events:

As we explore the impact of the pandemic on individuals and societies - particularly on the global challenges of democracy, the environment, inequalities and intersectionality - we'd be very interested to talk to you about your work and ideas.

Book an appointment with our Sociology commissioning editors Victoria Pittman and Shannon Kneis to talk about publishing projects by getting in touch at victoria.pittman@bristol.ac.uk or shannon.kneis@bristol.ac.uk. You can also visit our Author Hub for more information on publishing with us.


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Shannon Kneis

Shannon Kneis, Associate Commissioning Editor

I am excited to be curating a Sociology list here at Bristol University Press and Policy Press which platforms interesting, innovative research and scholarship which challenges existing thinking. Having studied Sociology at the University of Bristol, it’s great to be back here to work on research that pushes the boundaries of Sociology, with authors who have a will to make positive impact on our society and environment. I enjoy working collaboratively with authors, growing ideas into books that we are proud to showcase.