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Sonia Bertolini

Sonia Bertolini is Associate Professor at the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Turin.
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Job Insecurity and Life Courses

Drawing from interviews and survey data across the EU and the UK, this in-depth study explores how worker instability is perceived and experienced, and how this “perception” in turn affects individuals’ economic and social situation. Using intersectional analysis, the authors identify groups who are more prone to labour market risks.

Bristol Uni Press

Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe

The Multifaceted Consequences of Labour Market Insecurity

Adopting a mixed-method and multilevel perspective, this book provides a comprehensive investigation into the multifaceted consequences of social exclusion of young people and derives crucial new policy recommendations. Contributors offer fresh insights into areas including youth well-being, health, leaving home and risks of poverty.

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