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British Society of Criminology conference 2021 series highlights

The series below represent the best in international research in their area. They provide fresh insights into a diverse list of subjects including security, justice, rural crime and evidence-based policing. 

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If you’re interested in writing for one of our series, you can find out more about how to submit a proposal on each individual series page. Click on the ‘find out more’ links below. 


New Horizons in Criminology Series

Series Editor: Andrew Millie, Edge Hill University, UK.

This series offers cutting edge thought and theoretical development in criminology, written in an accessible style. Find out more.

Police lights

Key Themes in Policing

Series editors: Megan O’Neill, University of Dundee, UK, Marisa Silvestri, University of Kent, UK and Stephen Tong, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

This series engages with the changing landscape of policing as it becomes more politicised, professionalised and scrutinised, and draws out both change and continuities in its themes. Find out more


Research in Rural Crime

Series Editors: Alistair Harkness, University of New England in New South Wales, Australia and Matt Bowden, Technological University Dublin, Ireland

Filling a gap in the discipline, this series provides an outlet for original, cutting-edge research in this emergent criminological subfield. Find out more, including how to submit a proposal

Black and white road

Studies in Social Harm

Series Editors: Christina Pantazis, University of Bristol, UK, Simon Pemberton, University of Birmingham, UK and Steve Tombs, The Open University, UK

Social harm is an emerging field of study which seeks to understand the production of harm within contemporary society. Find out more, including how to submit a proposal

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