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LGBTQIA+ rights

The LGBTQIA+ community has historically be marginalised and discriminated, and even now the community is consistently threatened, vilified and segregated by some sections of society.

As a publisher for social justice, we see it as part of our mission to showcase important research which highlights the communities' history, culture, rights and social movements, and show solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In this cross-cutting theme, we aim to address the following goal:

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Drag as Marketplace

Contemporary Cultures, Identities and Business

Now a multi-million-dollar industry blending art, politics, and entertainment, drag's popularity has soared in recent years. Yet, despite its rise as a consumer product, research exploring the intersection of drag and markets remains scarce. This interdisciplinary collection fills that void, exploring drag's market impact.

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The Sociology of Emotions

Feminist, Cultural and Sociological Perspectives

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the field of the Sociology of Emotions, incorporating sociological, feminist and cultural perspectives. It will be essential reading for researchers and students seeking a current and interdisciplinary resource covering a wide range of international material in the field of Sociology of Emotions.

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Boundaries of Queerness

Homonationalism and Racial Politics in Sweden

This book explores how race, sexuality and gender are employed in political projects of belonging, whilst examining the implications for individual identity formation, in the context of Sweden.

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Later Life, Sex and Intimacy in the Majority World

This book challenges Western-centric views on sex in later life by exploring diverse cultures from the majority world. It advocates learning from overlooked perspectives and dismantling stereotypes about their sexual conservatism. It critiques cultural binaries, emphasising the need to decentre Western perspectives as the benchmark.

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What Are Museums For?

Museums today are a cultural battleground. Jon Sleigh maintains that museums must be for all people and inclusion must be at the heart of everything they do. He uses museum objects from different museums to explore trust-building, representation, digital access, conflicting narratives, removal from display and restitution.

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HIV, Gender and the Politics of Medicine

Embodied Democracy in the Global South

Drawing on long-term ethnographic studies, this book traces the path of the individual to the national and transnational to demonstrate the ramifications of policies governing AIDs medicine on individual lives.

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Trafficking Chains

Modern Slavery in Society

This book offers a theory of trafficking and modern slavery with implications for policy. Going beyond polarised debates on the sex trade, this book shows the importance of coercion and the societal complexities that perpetuate modern slavery.

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Diverse Voices in Tort Law

Edited by Kirsty Horsey

Integrating marginalised perspectives into the curriculum and discourse, this indispensable textbook amplifies under-represented voices in the field and paves the way for a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of tort law.

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Precarious Intimacies

Generation, Rent and Reproducing Relationships in London

In a time of increasing social and economic inequality, this book illustrates the precarity experienced by millennials facing both rising rents and wage stagnation. Featuring the voices of those with lived experience of precarity, the book reveals the crucial role of British housing policies in deepening inter- and intra-generational injustice.

Queer Conflict Research

New Approaches to the Study of Political Violence

Bringing together a team of international scholars, this volume provides a foundational guide to queer methodologies in the study of political violence and conflict.

Diversity and Welfare Provision

Tension and Discrimination in 21st Century Britain

This book explores how diverse citizens experience welfare provision. It seeks to promote broader debate and address the silences in research and debate, particularly in relation under-researched groups, with the aim of developing a renewed call for analysis.

Hate Crime in Football

Edited by Imran Awan and Irene Zempi