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In recent months, attacks on gender and sexuality studies have increased in Europe, as addressed in an ECPG Roundtable earlier this year. With this in mind, we have brought together here work that embodies the importance of the field.

Find details about the latest books and journals from both Bristol University Press and Policy Press in this area below. 

Highlights include Work, Labour and Cleaning by Lotika Singha, the first book in our new Gender and Sociology series. This new series brings together high quality research in the areas of Gender and Sociology. Find out more.

We have also just launched our Feminist Perspectives on Work and Organization series, which will explore a range of issues around feminism, feminist theory and philosophy, and intersectional and decolonial feminist approaches applied to various contexts of formal and informal work and organization.

The European Journal of Politics and Gender and the Journal of Gender-Based Violence, provide essential reading. We have pulled together a collection of journal articles on Gender, from these and more of our journals.

Scroll down for book highlights, journal articles and articles from our blog, Transforming Society.

Selected titles

Related journals

European journal of politics and gender coverJournal of gender-based violence cover

A selection of related journal articles

The whole of the special issue of the European Journal of Politics and Gender on 'Rethinking the ambition gap: gender and candidate emergence in comparative perspective.'

'Gender, sexual danger and the everyday management of risks: the social control of young females' from the Journal of Gender-Based Violence

'The contradictory possibilities of engaging men and boys in the prevention of men’s violence against women in the UK' from the Journal of Gender-Based Violence

'The gender dynamics of climate change on rural women’s agro-based livelihoods and food security in rural Zimbabwe: implications for green social work' from Critical and Radical Social Work

'Women in revolt: 1968 and today' from Critical and Radical Social Work

'Working towards gender equality in small and medium sized third sector organisation: an incremental approach' from Voluntary Sector Review

'Gender, ethnicity and activism: ‘the miracle is when we don’t give up...’' from the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

'Gender differences in relationship behaviours and attitudes among married individuals' from Families, Relationships and Societies

'Gender and sex differences in carers' health, burden and work outcomes: Canadian carers of community-dwelling older people with multiple chronic conditions' from the International Journal of Care and Caring

'Power struggles: gender equality in political representation' from the European Journal of Politics and Gender

'Revisiting gender equality at times of recession: a discussion of the strategies of gender and politics scholarship for dealing with equality' from the European Journal of Politics and Gender


Articles on Transforming Society

'Promoting women’s access to political power' by Torild Skard

'Nanny families, new inequalities and ‘good care'' by Sara Eldén and Terese Anving

'How mothers manage the complexities of flexible working' by Zoe Young

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