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Conflict, security and peace

Addressing UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, the books and journal articles we publish in this area focus on the impact of vast power differentials and the issues that need to be addressed as a threat to human rights and international security, including conflict based migration and political instability. 

Our aim is to publish innovative research that supports finding ways to protect groups that can be an easy target for violence and discrimination.

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Conflict, security and peace, we aim to address the following goal:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions

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What Is Anthropology For?

Should the line be maintained between nature and cultural, the biological and the informational, the human and the planetary? Kriti Kapila argues that anthropology provides an essential set of tools for analysing our social reality and makes a case for its unique insights into our human connection, relatedness and exchange.

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Hashtag Activism and Women’s Rights

Are Social Media Campaigns Really Making Laws Better for Women and Girls?

This book sheds light on the global legal impact of international social media campaigns on women’s rights.

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Sentencing Serious Sex Offenders

How Judges Decide when Discretion is Wide

Addressing a lack of sentencing information in Ireland, this important book combines legal and criminological methodologies in a study of 128 serious sexual offences cases. Considering the political and societal factors influencing legislation in this controversial area, this book is designed to be used by students, researchers and policy makers.

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Schooling, Conflict and Peace in the Southwestern Pacific

Becoming Enemy-Friends

Bringing concepts from critical transitional justice and critical peacebuilding into dialogue with education, this book examines the challenges faced by youth in the post-conflict settings of Bougainville and Solomon Islands, illustrating the vital importance of education in post-conflict recovery.

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Social Determinants of Health in Europe

Direct and Indirect Consequences of War

Edited by Adrian Bonner

Drawing on the perspectives of women and children displaced from Ukraine, as well as local authority policy makers and service providers, this book provides a unique view of the direct and indirect consequences of war in Europe and identifies the best responses to these ‘wicked issues’.

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Narrating China and Europe in Uncertain Times

Unravelling the narratives surrounding EU–China relations, this book sheds light on how these diverse and often contradictory perspectives can play a crucial role in shaping decisions and warns of their influence on policy making.

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Learning through Collective Memory Work

Testimonio and Education in Postwar Peru

This book chronicles the postwar experiences of the children of MRTA members in Peru, exploring struggles over memory, truth and societal stigma. It contributes to testimonio research in education and advocates learning from war-torn nations as sites of knowledge production and creativity.

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Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Radicalisation

Evidence-Based Policy and Practice

This essential reference book offers best practice strategies for practitioners, researchers and policy makers working on deradicalisation and preventing violent extremism.

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Comparisons in Global Security Politics

Comparison is a central feature of the practice of interstate relations, yet it is rarely studied. This book demonstrates the significance of comparison in world politics and reveals how comparative knowledge is produced, how it becomes politically relevant and how its practices shape security politics.

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Why the European Union Failed in Afghanistan

Transatlantic Relations and the Return of the Taliban

The first in-depth analysis of the EU’s state-building efforts in Afghanistan (2001–2022), this book argues that the EU’s actions were inadequate and deeply flawed, failing to account for the growing insecurity within Afghanistan and changes within US strategy.

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Patterns of Sustaining Peace

The Complex Impact of Peacebuilding Institutions in Post-Conflict Societies

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A New Cold War

US-China Relations in the 21st Century

This book illustrates how the relationship between the US and China has long been a "marriage of convenience" , but we might be close to the end of it. They are locked in a "new type of cold war" where mechanisms of deterrence and competition differ compared to those of the Cold War, and which makes the return of bloc politics possible.

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