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Life stages and intergenerationality

Addressing issues around Goal 1: No Poverty, Goal 3: Good Health and Well-beingGoal 4: Quality Education and Goal 5: Gender Equality, the work we publish in this area – including on our Ageing and Gerontology, Children, Young People and Families and Education lists, and the Longitudinal and Life Course Studies journal - helps identify and address the challenges that come at different life stages and between different generations.

It explores issues around health at different stages of life, demographics, intergenerationality, the challenges in education and the need for equal participation at all stages of the lifecourse. 

Bristol University Press and Policy Press are signed up to the UN SDG Publishers Compact. In Life stages and intergenerationality, we aim to address the following goals:

SDG Publishers compact logoSDG 1: No povertySDG 3: Good health and well-beingSDG 4: Quality educationSDG 5: Gender equality

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Belonging and Belongings

Children’s Sense of Home in Shared Custody Arrangements

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Extinction Equilibrium

Economics for Generational Survival

The past two decades have seen a global financial crisis, increasing levels of inequality, a pandemic and the intensification of the climate emergency. As debate rages about how to ensure a fairer society, this book asks where we want to be in 20 years’ time and how we might get there.

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Long-Term Care and Older People in Western Europe

Lessons From the COVID-19 Pandemic

This edited volume examines the responses of long-term care homes for older people in Western Europe to the COVID-19 pandemic. In doing so, it highlights the institutional, organisational and management challenges facing care homes, both in continuing to provide services to an increasingly ageing population and in future public health crises.

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Childhood, Families and Society

Social, Cultural and Policy Issues

Changing attitudes to children’s agency, rights and citizenship are examined in this international socio-cultural study of family and household dynamics in the 21st century.

Policy Press
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Midlife Geographies

Changing Lifecourses across Generations, Spaces and Time

As the ‘sandwich’ generation, people in midlife often have significant work and caring responsibilities, yet they are the subject of relatively little research. This short, accessible book redresses the balance in offering a geographical approach to how people claim space in midlife while analysing the influences of gender, class and location.

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Later Life, Sex and Intimacy in the Majority World

This book challenges Western-centric views on sex in later life by exploring diverse cultures from the majority world. It advocates learning from overlooked perspectives and dismantling stereotypes about their sexual conservatism. It critiques cultural binaries, emphasising the need to decentre Western perspectives as the benchmark.

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Trans and Gender Diverse Ageing in Care Contexts

Research into Practice

With insights from trans and non-binary scholars and practitioners and those with lived experience, this book outlines what good care and support for older trans and non-binary people looks like. It enables practitioners in public and community services to develop their knowledge and skills to ensure their practice is affirmative and inclusive.

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Turning Global Rights into Local Realities

Realizing Children’s Rights in Ghana’s Pluralistic Society

Focusing on Ghana, this book explores the intersection of dominant children's rights principles with lived realities. Challenging one-dimensional portrayals, it advocates for more holistic approaches to the study of children’s lives and children’s rights realization in Southern contexts.

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Reimagining Age-Friendly Communities

Urban Ageing and Spatial Justice

How can we design, develop and adapt urban environments to better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse ageing population?  This book highlights the urgent need to address inequalities that shape the experience of ageing in urban environments, and demonstrates that despite obstacles, meaningful social change is achievable locally.

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Desistance and Children

Critical Reflections from Theory, Research and Practice

‘Desistance’ - understanding how people move away from offending – has become a significant policy focus in recent years, with desistance thinking transplanted from the adult to the youth justice system in England and Wales. This book is the first to critique this approach to justice-involved children.

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Transitional Safeguarding

This book powerfully sets out the case for Transitional Safeguarding, a new approach to protection and safeguarding designed to address the needs and behaviours of young people aged 15-24 who are falling between gaps in current systems, with often devastating results.

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Studying Generations

Multidisciplinary Perspectives

This collection explores generational studies, showcasing its interdisciplinary potential in sociology, literature, history, psychology, media studies and politics. It offers fresh perspectives and opens new avenues for generational thinking.

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