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Increasing the impact of your work

Getting people to engage with your work may sometimes feel like a bigger challenge than writing it in the first place, but don’t worry - we can help your work create the impact it deserves.

Discoverability, both online and offline, and accessibility are key. Just a few examples of how we can make this happen are below. Find out what you can do as an author here.

Gaining media and review coverage and influential support

We have an enviable reputation for gaining high profile national and international media. We regularly have reviews in broadsheets including the Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, Times Higher Education Supplement, Times Education Supplement, political magazines like New Statesman and academic journals.

If your work has interest for a wider public audience, we will bring that message to national, local and specialist media.

Organising launches and events

We work with authors to organise book launches, panel events and seminars, whether stand-alone events in bookshops or universities, venues like the Royal Courts of Justice and House of Commons, or sessions at established conferences or literary festivals. 

Influencing politicians, policy and independent enquiries

We keep on top of current government legislation and consultation in order to be able to identify opportunities for impact. Where we think this is possible, we will send copies of your work to politicians and policy makers in working groups and committees addressing particular policy issues. Our books have been quoted by politicians, used in green papers and parliamentary briefings, as you can see in our case studies, and we can provide digital policy briefings to support research findings.

Helping your work to have an impact in practice

Our practice-based books have a positive influence 'on the ground', enabling practitioners and organisations to develop policy and understanding. We will talk to key practitioner organisations about your book to establish the best way its message can reach a practitioner audience, for example coverage in relevant practice focussed publications.

Providing online supplementary material for your book

We can provide additional supplementary material online to support the book. Using different voices for different audiences in this way extends the reach of the work significantly. This material may take the form of case studies, additional data, policy briefings, blog posts, infographics, information sheets or introductory tasters. The format is carefully chosen depending on the audience and what’s going to achieve the best reach and engagement.

Enabling open and free access

As the world of publishing evolves, open access is becoming an increasingly popular way of publishing. Its very nature optimises opportunities for your work to have impact, making it widely and easily visible to researchers, practitioners and policy makers. But open access materials still need to be promoted in order to be discovered and we promotes open access content in exactly the same way we would for all our publications. If open access publishing is something you are considering, see our open access options for books and open access options for journals.

Social justice on the ground

We practise what we preach and are fully engaged with our social mission and understand the importance of impact. We keep up to date with current affairs, particularly around social issues, and have the utmost respect for the work our authors do and the potential change it can achieve. As a team we aim to contribute to positive social change. From foodbank collections and contributing to refugee appeals, to attending protests, we are involved in many ongoing campaigns. We also support a local charity annually, hosting sponsored events and supporting the charity through social media and online campaigning.


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