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International Women's Day

The International Women's Day 2022 campaign theme is #BreakTheBias. All of the work we publish does exactly this, by calling out bias, stereotypes and discrimination.

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Women in Academia and Practice Transforming Society series


Book highlights

Free journal articles for International Women's day

This collection of journal articles supports the International Women’s Day 2022 mission to raise awareness of gender bias, take action for equality and celebrate progress. The articles are all free to read and download throughout the month of March. The collection includes research from:

Critical and Radical Social Work 
European Journal of Politics and Gender 
Emotions and Society 
Evidence & Policy
Families, Relationships and Society 
Global Discourse
International Journal of Care and Caring 
Journal of Gender-Based Violence 
Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 
Journal of Psychosocial Studies
Longitudinal and Life Course Studies
Policy & Politics

Critical and Radical Social Work

Angela Davis: political activist, radical intellectual and an inspiration for social work
Belkin Martinez, Dawn

Compulsory female sterilisation in Brazil: reproductive rights for whom?
Menandro, Leila Marchezi Tavares; Barrett, Hazel Rose; 

European Journal of Politics and Gender

Feminist critical friends: dilemmas of feminist engagement with governance and gender reform agendas
Chappell, Louise; Mackay, Fiona 

A different Women, Peace and Security is possible? Intersectionality in Women, Peace and Security resolutions and national action plans
Smith, Sarah; Stavrevska, Elena B.

Exploring women’s vision(s) of peace: towards feminist peace in Myanmar and Georgia?
Cárdenas, Magda Lorena

Gender norms, global hierarchies and the evolution of feminist foreign policy
Thomson, Jennifer

Female leader popularity and the vote, 1996–2016: a global exploratory analysis
Dassonneville, Ruth; Quinlan, Stephen; McAllister, Ian; 

Building feminist peace: gender, legal reforms and social reproduction after the United Nations Mission in Liberia
de Almagro, Maria Martin

The origins of gender-targeted public finance measures: the case of New Brunswick, Canada
Everitt, Joanna; Albaugh, Quinn M. 

Revisiting gender-neutral policy from a trans perspective: a look at Northern Ireland
Hagen, Jamie J.; Deiana, Maria-Adriana; Roberts, Danielle

Feminist peace or state co-optation? The Women, Peace and Security agenda in Myanmar
Olivius, Elisabeth; Hedström, Jenny; Phyo, Zin Mar 

Gender and ambitions for elected and appointed political positions: insights from Norway
Kolltveit, Kristoffer

Where is the party? Explaining positions on same-sex marriage in Europe among would-be members of parliament
Siegel, Scott N.; Turnbull-Dugarte, Stuart J.; Olinger, Brian A.

Emotions and Society

Feeling protected: protective masculinity and femininity from Donald Trump and Joe Biden to Jacinda Ardern
Johnson, Carol

The Pursuit of Happiness: Black Women, Diasporic Dreams, and the Politics of Emotional Transnationalism
Piwoni, Eunike

Evidence & Policy

Creating an action plan to advance knowledge translation in a domestic violence research network: a deliberative dialogue
Cameron, Jacqui; Humphreys, Cathy; Kothari, Anita; Hegarty, Kelsey 

Engaging refugee women and girls as experts: co-creating evidence on sexual exploitation and abuse in humanitarian crises using creative, participatory methods
Potts, Alina; Fattal, Loujine; Kolli, Harriet; 

Families, Relationships and Society

Schooling, work and house life: women’s triple shifts in times of a global health crisis
Joiko, Sara

Gendering the job demands-resources model: work‐family conflict in Taiwan
Lui, Lake;Chang, Chin-fen 

Global Discourse

‘We will march side by side and demand a bigger table’: anger as dignity claim
Adkins, Karen

International Journal of Care and Caring

Care horizons and career choices for women managers
McKie, Linda; Jyrkinen, Marjut  

The legal protection of women migrant domestic workers from the Philippines and Sri Lanka: an intersectional rights-based approach
Henderson, Sophie

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

A feminist-intersectional analysis of sexual violence experienced by Nigerian women who are living in England
Ajayi, Chinyere Elsie; Chantler, Khatidja; Radford, Lorraine 

Gender- and power sensitivity, securitisation and social peace: rethinking protection for children exposed to post-separation violence
Knezevic, Zlatana; Nikupeteri, Anna; Laitinen, Merja; Kallinen, Kati 

Digital technologies and gender-based violence ‐ mechanisms for oppression, activism and recovery
Barter, Christine; Koulu, Sanna 

Reflections on the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (England and Wales)
Duggan, Marian

Violence against women in West Bengal: its extent and causes
Biswas, Chaiti Sharma; Pal, Manoranjan; Bharati, Premananda 

Out of place: women’s experiences of policing in protest spaces
Monk, Helen; Jackson, Will

Feminism, power and politics in policing rape research: time for a paradigm shift
Geoghegan-Fittall, Sophie; Skinner, Tina; Stanko, Betsy; Geoghegan-Fittall, Sophie; Skinner, Tina; Stanko, Betsy; 

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

The median voter theorem and the repeal of the prohibition on abortion in Ireland: an analysis of the passage of the Thirty-Sixth Amendment
Guffey, Sara E.

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

‘Period poverty’ in Stoke-on-Trent, UK: new insights into gendered poverty and the lived experiences of austerity
Briggs, Alison

Putting gender and capabilities into the equation: transformative evaluation for enhancing social justice
Moral-Espín, Lucía del Espinosa Fajardo, Julia  

Journal of Psychosocial Studies

Melancholic communities: trauma, neoliberalism and the rise of Chat magazine
Stroud, Lucinda Rose

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Stability and mobility in occupational career patterns over 36 years in Swiss women and men
Häfeli, Kurt; Hättich, Achim; Schellenberg, Claudia; Krauss, Annette; Ritschard, Gilbert 

The development of gendered occupational aspirations across adolescence: examining the role of different types of upper-secondary education
Basler, Ariane; Kriesi, Irene; Imdorf, Christian; 

Policy & Politics

Challenging boundaries to expand frontiers in gender and policy studies
Lombardo, Emanuela; Meier, Petra; 

The politics of intersectional practice: competing concepts of intersectionality
Christoffersen, Ashlee