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International Women's Day

The International Women's Day 2020 campaign theme is #EachforEqual. Our publishing in this area embraces this by celebrating women's achievements, raising awareness against bias and providing the evidence to support action for equality.

To mark the day we've brought together highlights from our books, journals and the Transforming Society blog below.

Read 'A reading list for International Women's Day' on Transforming Society, curated by Assistant Editor Shannon Kneis, for a commissioning editor's view on publishing on women, gender and equality.

Transforming Society highlights include this podcast with Zoe Young on work, motherhood and equality, a case study on how Torild Skard's book helped to promote women's access to political power and Helena Liu on changing the way we think about leadership.

All of this work - we hope - contributes to creating a gender equal world.

Journal articles

This collection of journal articles supports the IWD 2020 mission to help forge a gender equal world.
The articles are all free to read and download throughout the month of March.


Special Issue 3.1: 'Rethinking the ambition gap: gender and candidate emergence in comparative perspective' guest Edited by Jennifer M. Piscopo and Meryl Kenny
The European Journal of Politics and Gender

Themed Issue 8.3: 'Gender, sexuality, and the law' guest Edited by Debra L. DeLaet and Renée A. Cramer
Global Discourse

The gender dynamics of climate change on rural women's agro-based livelihoods and food security in rural Zimbabwe: implications for green social work
Munyaradzi Muchacha and Mildred Mushunje

Marxism, class and women's oppression
Lindsey German

Women in revolt: 1968 and today
Judith Orr

Updating the Gender Recognition Act: trans oppression, moral panics and implications for social work
Laura Miles

Engaging men as fathers and caregivers: an entry point to advancing women's empowerment and rights
Joni van de Sand, Laxman Belbase and Sinéad Nolan


Families, Relationships and Societies, Themed section 7.3 'Migrant mothers: kin work and cultural work in making future citizens'

Negotiation of care practices by mothers with disabilities in Russia
Alfiya Battalova

Beliefs about family policy among US mothers in publicly-subsidised housing: collective responsibility or individual self-sufficiency
Emily W. Kane

The three-mother problem
Bülent Somay

Confronting violence against women

Poetic licence to write resistance: women resisting intimate partner violence through poetry
Andrea Merriam Donovan, Danielle Dubrasky, Scott Sorensen and Grant Corser

Feminist responses to sexual harassment in academia: voice, solidarity and resistance through online activism
Sundari Anitha, Susan Marine and Ruth Lewis

Agency, resistance and the non-‘ideal’ victim: how women deal with sexual violence
Nicola Roberts, Catherine Donovan and Matthew Durey

‘It’s about gender equality and all that stuff…’: enacting policies on gender-based violence into everyday preventive work in rural Sweden
Sara Nyhlén and Katarina Giritli Nygren

Redress, rights and responsibilities: comparing European intervention systems
Carol Hagemann-White

Women on the move: administrative data as a safe way to research hidden domestic violence journeys
Janet Christine Bowstead

‘Stop asking me ‘what about men?’
Jessica Eaton