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International Women's Day

The International Women's Day 2021 campaign theme is #ChooseToChallenge. All of the work we publish does exactly this, by raising awareness and calling out bias and inequality. Browse book highlights, free journal articles and articles from Transforming Society below.

To celebrate the day, we are offering you 50% off all the books below until midnight on Sunday 14 March. Order and use the code POIWD21 at the checkout.

Book highlights

Free journal articles for International Women's day

This collection of journal articles supports the International Women’s Day 2021 mission to raise awareness of gender bias, take action for equality and celebrate progress. The articles are all free to read and download throughout the month of March. The collection includes research from:

Critical and Radical Social Work 
European Journal of Politics and Gender 
Emotions and Society 
Families, Relationships and Society 
International Journal of Care and Caring 
Journal of Gender-Based Violence 
Journal of Poverty and Social Justice 
Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

Critical and Radical Social Work

For women of colour in social work: black feminist self-care practice based on Audre Lorde’s radical pioneering principles
Suryia Nayak

‘Social justice for all!’ The relative silence of social work in abortion rights advocacy
Elizabeth Beddoe, Trish Hayes and Jessica Steele

European Journal of Politics and Gender

‘Show us you care!’ The gendered psycho-politics of emotion and women as political leaders
Candida Yates

We would rather be leaders than parliamentarians: women and political office in Ghana
Gretchen Bauer and Akosua K. Darkwah

Urgency and ambition: the influence of political environment and emotion in spurring US women’s candidacies in 2018
Kelly Dittmar

Taking implementation seriously in assessing success: the politics of gender equality policy
Isabelle Engeli and Amy Mazur

Framing and feedback: increased support for gender quotas among elites [Open Access]
Mari Teigen, Hege Skjeie and Rune Karlsen

Under different umbrellas: intersectionality and alliances in US feminist politics
Myra Marx Ferree

A legislative gender-equality norm as a catalyst for change? Discursive convergence in the case of the Swedish Parliament
Josefina Erikson and Lenita Freidenvall

Bringing epistemology into intersectional methodology
Alexie Labelle

Towards the good profession: improving the status of women in political science
Amy L. Atchison

Emotions and Society

Emotional discourses in the courtroom: women’s empowerment work in honour-related trials
Johan Rosquist 

Families, Relationships and Society

Schooling, work and house life: women’s triple shifts in times of a global health crisis
Sara Joiko 

Researching parental leave during a pandemic: lessons from black feminist theory and relationality
Patricia Hamilton

Gendered perceptions of workaholism and the gender gap in parenting time
Tom Buchanan, Adian McFarlane and Anupam Das

When equal partners become unequal parents: couple relationships and intensive parenting culture
Charlotte Faircloth

'Celebrating diverse motherhood': physically disabled women's counter-narratives to their stigmatised identity as mothers
Anita Lappeteläinen, Eija Sevón and Tanja Vehkakoski

International Journal of Care and Caring

The legal protection of women migrant domestic workers from the Philippines and Sri Lanka: an intersectional rights-based approach
Sophie Henderson

“I’ve always been the one who drops everything”: the lived experiences and life-course impacts of young adult women carers­­­­
Marjorie Silverman et al. 

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Contemporary feminist imaginings of the refuge-space: implications for Black and ‘minority ethnic’, migrant survivors in the UK
Maggie Bridge

Feminist responses to sexual harassment in academia: voice, solidarity and resistance through online activism
Sundari Anitha, Susan Marine and Ruth Lewis

“I didn’t think this service was for people like us”: improving service response to BME survivors of sexual violence
Mariana Cancoro de Matos and Clare McFeely

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

‘Period poverty’ in Stoke-on-Trent, UK: new insights into gendered poverty and the lived experiences of austerity
Alison Briggs

How government sees couples on Universal Credit: a critical gender perspective
Fran Bennett

Longitudinal and Life Course Studies

The development of gendered occupational aspirations across adolescence: examining the role of different types of upper-secondary education
Ariane Basler, Irene Kriesi and Christian Imdorf