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APSA Conference article collection

The collection of articles below on the themes of Populism and Privilege is free to access until 30 September 2019 to mark the 115th American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition being held 29 August - 1 September in Washington, USA.  

The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments
Authors: Batory, Agnes; Svensson, Sara

Can the governance paradigm survive the rise of populism?
Author: Stoker, Gerry

Forget populism!
Author: Stengel, Frank A.

Is homo oeconomicus an extinct species, and does it matter for EUropean integration? Attitudes towards free trade and populism
Author: Gawroska-Nowak, Bogna

Reply: The decline of 'homo oeconomicus' and the crisis of liberal EUropean integration: a response to Bogna GawroĊ„ska-Nowak 
Author: Reho, Federico Ottavio

Entering the 'post-shame era': the rise of illiberal democracy, populism and neo-authoritarianism in EUrope 
Author: Wodak, Ruth

Reply: Response to Ruth Wodak's Paper
Authors:Grabbe, Heather; Aktoudianakis, Andreas

Beyond populist politics: why conventional politics needs to conjure myths of its own and why it struggles to do so 
Author: Stacey

Between radical orthodoxy and the turn to the empirical: a reply to Stacey 
Author: Rowlands

Beyond the angers of populism: a psychosocial inquiry
Author: Richards, Barry

Exploring privilege through feminist gender training
Author: Ferguson, Lucy

Social inequalities in educational attainment: The changing impact of parents' social class, social status, education and family income, England 1986 and 2010
Authors: Pensiero, Nicola; Schoon, Ingrid

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