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ECPR Conference article collection

The collection of articles below on the themes of Democracy, Gender Equality, Teaching and Learning Politics, Populism and the European Union is free to access throughout September 2019 to mark the 2019 ECPR General Conference being held 4-7 September at the University of Wrocław, Poland.


Political innovation, digitalisation and public participation in party politics
Authors: Schmidthuber, Lisa; Hilgers, Dennis; Rapp, Maximilian

Parliamentary petitions and public engagement: an empirical analysis of the role of e-petitions
Author: Leston-Bandeira, Cristina

Public deliberation in an era of communicative plenty
Authors: Ercan, Selen A; Hendriks, Carolyn M; Dryzek, John S

The input and output effects of direct democracy: a new research agenda
Authors: Vatter, Adrian; Rousselot, Bianca; Milic, Thomas

When the people speak – and decide: deliberation and direct democracy in the citizen assembly of Glarus, Switzerland
Authors: Gerber, Marlène; Mueller, Sean

The effects of economic crises on participatory democracy
Authors: Alarcón, Pau; Galais, Carol; Font, Joan; Smith, Graham


Gender Equality

The populist Italian Lega from ethno-regionalism to radical right-wing nationalism: backsliding gender-equality policies with a little help from the anti-gender movement
Author: Alessia, Donà

Outing representation: lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer politicians’ narratives
Author: Tremblay, Manon

Towards the good profession: improving the status of women in political science
Author: Atchison, Amy L.

Power struggles: gender equality in political representation
Authors: Celis, Karen; Lovenduski, Joni

Emotions and empathic imagination: parents relating to norms of work, parenthood and gender equality
Author: Björk, Sofia

Brexit: gendered implications for equality in the UK
Authors: Haastrup, Toni; Wright, Katharine A.M.; Guerrina, Roberta


Teaching and Learning Politics

The lessons of policy learning: types, triggers, hindrances and pathologies
Authors: Dunlop, Claire A; Radaelli, Claudio M

Using cultural theory to navigate the policy process
Author: Simmons, Richard

Three habits of successful policy entrepreneurs
Author: Cairney, Paul

Policy learning and policy failure: definitions, dimensions and intersections
Author: Dunlop, Claire A.

A recipe for impact? Exploring knowledge requirements in the UK Parliament and beyond
Authors: Geddes, Marc; Dommett, Katharine; Prosser, Brenton

Everyday stories of impact: interpreting knowledge exchange in the contemporary university
Authors: Matthews, Peter; Rutherfoord, Robert; Connelly, Steve; Richardson, Liz; Durose, Catherine; Vanderhoven, Dave



The use and abuse of participatory governance by populist governments
Authors: Batory, Agnes; Svensson, Sara

Can the governance paradigm survive the rise of populism?
Author: Stoker, Gerry

Forget populism!
Author: Stengel, Frank A.

Is homo oeconomicus an extinct species, and does it matter for EUropean integration? Attitudes towards free trade and populism
Author: Gawroska-Nowak, Bogna

Entering the 'post-shame era': the rise of illiberal democracy, populism and neo-authoritarianism in EUrope 
Author: Wodak, Ruth

Beyond the angers of populism: a psychosocial inquiry
Author: Richards, Barry


The European Union

Monitoring progress towards sustainable development: multidimensional child poverty in the European Union
Authors: Chzhen, Yekaterina; Bruckauf, Zlata; Toczydlowska, Emilia

Albion lost, paradise regained? Gender+ equality policies in the European Union 27
Author: van der Vleuten, Anna

Gender in the crisis and remaking of Europe: re-gendering subsidiarity
Author: Walby, Sylvia

Theorising the EU in crisis: de-Europeanisation as disintegration
Author: Rosamond, Ben

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