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ESPAnet Conference article collection

The collection of articles below, including the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice special issue, is free to access throughout September to mark the 2019 Annual ESPAnet Conference taking place 5-7 September in Stockholm on the topic of ‘Social Citizenship, Migration and Conflict – Equality and opportunity in European welfare states’.

The idea for the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice special issue on ‘Self-employment and social protection in Europe’ (Vol. 27 Iss. 2, June 2019) emerged out of a stream on self-employment and social protection at the 2017 ESPAnet conference in Lisbon. The issue is guest edited by Kevin Caraher and Enrico Reuter.

Introduction to special issue: Self-employment and social protection in Europe 
Authors: Caraher, Kevin; Reuter, Enrico

Self-employment and social protection: understanding variations between welfare regimes 
Authors: Spasova, Slavina; Bouget, Denis; Ghailani, Dalila; Vanhercke, Bart

Precariousness among solo self-employed workers: a German‐Dutch comparison  
Authors: Conen, Wieteke; Schulze Buschoff, Karin

Mind the gaps: Universal Credit and self-employment in the United Kingdom 
Authors: Caraher, Kevin; Reuter, Enrico

The solo self-employed person and intrinsic financial security: does the promotion of self-employment institutionalise dualisation? 
Author: Tammelin, Mia

Social protection for the self-employed in the UK: the disappearing contributions increase 
Author: Bennett, Fran

The collective risk management of solo self-employed workers in the Netherlands 
Authors: Rossetti, Silvia; Heeger, Susanne

Job precariousness among lawyers in Spain 
Authors: Obiol-Francés, Sandra; Santos-Ortega, Antonio; Muñoz-Rodríguez, David

Milan’s inclusive entrepreneurship policies: the risk of ‘differentiated inclusion’
Author: Dodaro, Maria


Resistance or resignation to welfare reform? The activist politics for and against social citizenship
Authors: Edmiston, Daniel; Humpage, Louise

The effects of welfare state universalism on migrant integration
Authors: Kevins, Anthony; van Kersbergen, Kees

The impact of conditionality on the welfare rights of EU migrants in the UK
Authors: Dwyer, Peter James; Scullion, Lisa; Jones, Katy; Stewart, Alasdair

EU policy and Roma integration (2010–14)
Author: Andor, László

Mothering and othering in the city: Polish migrants in the UK
Author: Lisiak, Agata

Migrant mothers: performing kin work and belonging across private and public boundaries
Authors: Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene

A mother's work is never done: migrant mothers' struggles and sacrifices in a Swedish context
Author: Bennet, Petra Roll

Transmitting marriage models across generations: narratives of mothers and daughters between Morocco and Italy 
Author: D'Odorico, Giulia

Leaving no one behind? Reaching the informal sector, poor people and marginalised groups with Social Health Protection
Authors: Meyer, Claude; Evans, David; Soucat, Agnès; Dkhimi, Fahdi; Akweongo, Patricia; Kessy, Flora; Maurer, Jürgen; Ooms, Gorik; Stoermer, Manfred

Taking implementation seriously in assessing success: the politics of gender equality policy
Authors: Engeli, Isabelle; Mazur, Amy

Understanding social exclusion: the views of the UK public
Authors: Fahmy, Eldin; Sutton, Eileen; Pemberton, Simon

The impact of defamilisation measures on gender and pensions: a comparison between the UK and seven other European countries
Authors: Foster, Liam; Chau, Ruby; Yu, Sam

'Cry God for Harry, England, and Saint George': Europe and the Limits of Integrating Identity
Author: Foster, Russell

Migration, solidarity and the limits of Europe
Authors: Tazzioli, Martina; Walters, William

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